Hiv Antibody Test At 8 Weeks

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Alex, your mexican friend. Mini Woo hooo, but more scared than ever.

Hi doc. I hope that you're fine, and keep doing your wonderfuly work. I really admire to you. (jajaja, i'm 100% hetero, but my girlfriend says that i'm in love with you.)Well. Now, my worries.I was a little nervous about my exposure. (brief frottage...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
Hello Alex,A doctor told you HIV is "psychological" and "doesn't exist????" And that "anxiety kills antibodies and causes AIDS????" Oh my . . . that guy qualifies more as an imbecile than as a doctor. Don't let a jackass like that scare you. He... Read more »

what does "average is 25 days" mean?

Dear Dr HorwathWhen I call the CDC about hiv testing, they tell me that antibodies to HIV show up... Read more »

Am i at risk

i recently while travelling in Africa had sexual intercourse with a native woman in a highly hiv... Read more »
AIDS InfoNet

Viral Load Tests

...(antibody) test, which can be "negative" for 2 to 6 months after HIV infection. (See Fact Sheet 102 for more information on HIV antibody testing.) For prognosis , viral load can help predict how long someone will stay healthy. The higher the... Read more »
New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute

Diagnostic, Monitoring and Resistance Laboratory Tests for HIV of acute HIV infection, see Diagnosis and Management of Acute HIV Infection . A. Antibody Tests Detection of HIV antibodies is the most common method for the diagnosis of HIV infection in adults and children >18 months old.... Read more »
Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

The Stages of HIV Infection

...of virus in the blood (the viral load ). As the immune system learns to recognize and fight HIV, B cells start to make the HIV antibodies. When an HIV test is positive, that means that HIV antibodies have been found in the blood sample. ... Read more »
The Well Project

Understanding the Immune System

...cells don't go overboard, and relax once their job is done.) Both killer T cells and suppressor T cells are also known as CD8 cells. Natural Killer Cells Natural killer, or NK, cells also engulf and destroy infected cells and abnormal cancerous... Read more »
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Very Worried Person

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
...disappeared within 5 days, without any medication at all. Last week I again suffered from a sinusitis, I did an HIV-antibody test at 8weeks after the sex. encounter and it came out negative. Right now I'm suffering from painful muscles, all over... Read more »

4th Generation HIV Test

Posted by Trophy
...use in the United States.(1) A common feature of all varieties of ELISA is the use of enzyme conjugates that bind to specific HIV antibody, and substrates/chromogens that produce color in a reaction catalyzed by the bound enzyme conjugate. The... Read more »

Negative PCR DNA at 8 weeks

Posted by sunkyst, 2 Replies
...I just got the results of a PCR DNA test at 8weeks and a negative HIV antibody test. Does this mean I don't have HIV or do I need more testing? Read more »

CDC window period have u are tested in the window

Posted by nomoreworry4me
...(sudden start) HIV infection can be >diagnosed by detecting HIV RNA in plasma from persons with a negative or >indeterminate HIV antibody test.>>According to the Revised Recommendations for HIV Testing of Adults, >Adolescents, and... Read more »