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High T-cell And Toxoplasmosis

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...not seem to spread from person to person. The most common illness caused by toxo is an infection of the brain (encephalitis). Toxo can also infect other parts of the body. Toxo can lead to coma and death. The risk of toxo is highest when your CD4 cell (T-cell) counts are below 100. The first signs of toxo include fever, confusion, headache, disorientation, personality changes and tremor. Other symptoms include seizures, poor coordination, and...
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Bactrim's long term effects?

I've been on Bactrim for 2 yrs now ... what are the long term effects..... my t cells are below 100, but I'm in wk 30 of my PegInterferon/Ribavirin HepC therapy. Dr. says I can get off of Bactrim when my CD4 gets above 200 ... but doesn't l.t....
Joseph McGowan, M.D., F.A.C.P.

Response from Joseph McGowan, M.D., F.A.C.P.

North Shore University Hospital
...(infections that take advantage of an immune system that is out of balance), especially Pneumocystis and Toxoplasmosis. Bactrim is highly effective as a preventive medication for these conditions (and probably bacterial pneumonia as well) and is... Read more »

toxoplasmosis with negative antibody?

A few years ago I was told that I had toxoplasmosis-Recently I was given an a test to see if I had toxo-antibodies and the test was negative-when I was diagnosed when I had twelve t-cells-Is this why I never developed anti bodies?- or is it possible...
Judith Feinberg, M.D.

Response from Judith Feinberg, M.D.

University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine
...the person is actually sick or even after s/he has recovered-- it's as if there is a 'glitch' in the system. When you had 12 T cells, if you had neurological problems, an abnormal CT or MRI brain scan, and recovered after being specifically... Read more »

Encefalic Toxoplasmosis Infection

My partner is HIV infected with viral charge in 220.000 and CD4 in 85. He had fever for 13 day before the diagnosis of Encephalic Toxoplasmosis by RM. He had 1 week of Clindamycin IV and 3 weeks with oral treatment (all 900 mg/8 h and pyrimethamine...
Marc Hellerstein, M.D., Ph.D.

Response from Marc Hellerstein, M.D., Ph.D.

University of California Berkeley & San Francisco
...continues the Toxo therapy there is a good chance for improvement. The overall prognosis will depend on the ability to increase the T cells with antivirals. It is a good sign that there are no ongoing neurologic symptoms.I hope this helps,... Read more »


Thank you Dr Henry for the response.I realy appreciate.You talked of rehablitation-how since i've done some physio-therapy with minimal response?and you have also talked of variable course-which one is the best variable course for toxoplasmosis.I...
Keith Henry, M.D.

Response from Keith Henry, M.D.

University of Minnesota, School of Medicine CNS toxoplasmosis lesions and aid recovery. There is no drug that specifically helps the brain to repair itself. That is a highly variable process which is often frustrating and can sometimes wind up with some level of ongoing deficit... Read more »
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CD4 Cell Tests

...T-4 cells , also called CD4+, are "helper" cells. They lead the attack against infections. T-8 cells (CD8+) are "suppressor" cells that end the immune response. CD8 cells can also be "killer" cells that kill cancer cells and cells infected with... Read more »
Test Positive Aware Network

HIV and Your Immune System

...transcribe their genetic code composed of RNA back into DNA copies within infected cells in order to effectively parasitize the host cells' machinery for creating protein (synthesis), viruses such as HIV are known as retroviruses. In order to... Read more »
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HIV Health Checklist

...1,000. Complete Blood Count (CBC, see fact sheet 121 ): This test measures red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets (cells that help clot your blood if you get a cut. It is the most common blood test. Test at baseline and every 3-6... Read more »
Project Inform

Blood Work: A Complete Guide for Monitoring HIV

...The MCV measures the average size of red blood cells. The average MCV ranges from 80-100 femtoliters (fL). A low MCV shows that cells are smaller than normal. This may be due to an iron deficiency or chronic disease. MCV is generally higher than... Read more »
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refusing meds

Posted by Anonymous, 7 Replies
has anyone here ever refused being put on meds. what was your reason? have you changed your mind since? why do people refuse to be put on meds..because of the side effects? do they believe that HIV meds cant make a differnce, or is more of "if i... Read more »

Acute HIV Infection Overview

Posted by Anonymous
...expansion of CD8+ T cell responses has been described during acute HIV-1 infection [2], and the appearance of HIV-1-specific CD8+ T cells has been temporally associated with the initial decline of viremia [3, 4]. These CD8+ T cells have the... Read more »


Posted by Anonymous
...Just wondering if any of you have had, or known others who have had, toxoplasmosis. can you give me some information regarding long term effects in advanced infections?? Thank you soooo much! My email address Read more »


Posted by Anonymous
...Conference; 1998 Jun 28Jul 3, Geneva, Switzerland. Bologna: Monduzzi, 1998. Kinloch-De Loes S, Tilling RS, Turnbull W, et al. Naive T cell subsets during acute infection (AI) with HIV and response to highly active antiretroviral infection... Read more »