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High CD4 count and Low Viral Load

What does it means if my CD4 count is 726 and Viral load is L48?
Mark Holodniy, M.D., F.A.C.P., C.I.C.

Response from Mark Holodniy, M.D., F.A.C.P., C.I.C.

Stanford University, School of Medicine
...That your CD4 count is in the normal range and your HIV viral load is quite low. If you are not currently on HIV treatment, it appears that your Read more »

high cd4 count, low cd4%

I got recently hiv infected in august 2008 and I had my first labs done in the first week of... Read more »

High viral load, High CD4 count

I'm not on medications and for the last year my viral load has been 70,000 or higher. At the same... Read more »
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HAART Use Improves Hepatitis B Vaccine Response, Even at High CD4 Counts

...therapy, similar to other recent investigations that have shown people benefit from being on HAART, even at relatively preserved or high CD4 cell counts. Do you know what the prevalence of HBV is in people with HIV? In our cohort, if you look... Read more »
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Structured Treatment Interruptions Successful With Patients Who Have High CD4 Counts

...of how much treatment for HIV infection is enough. There are a number of STI study designs. This one looked at STI based on CD4 count response to therapy. The general approach is to treat HIV infection when CD4 counts go below a critical... Read more »
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Trizivir Plus Efavirenz Potent for Naive Patients With Low CD4 Counts and High Viral Loads

...failure and the emergence of drug resistance. This has become important given the general observation that people with very low CD4 cell counts or extremely high viral loads are at greater risk of treatment failure than those with "healthier"... Read more »
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CMV Retinitis Despite High CD4 Lymphocyte Counts

...Francisco. Mark Jacobson, a leading researcher from this institution reported on 5 cases of AIDS patients with CMV retinitis who had CD4 counts over 200 cells/mm3 at the time of diagnosis. Previous natural history studies have shown that CMV... Read more »
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Question from someone recently tested positive

Posted by cam65, 1 Reply
...say hello to the HIV community and making sure that I'm being pro-active, I also have a question. QUESTION How fast should my CD4 cell count be falling. Soon after diagnosis it was over 900. Within three months it fell to about 630. Being... Read more »

Testing methods abd CD4 count question.

Posted by yoshimi2, 1 Reply
...sandpaper. (yeast infections, dermatitis on scalp, sweats, sticky skin) I pray for a return to good health. And why would my CD4 count be only 540 if I was hiv negative? Read more »

CD4+Tcell count indicative of nothing.

Posted by TonyF, 4 Replies
...that our bi-yearly doctor checkup of our CD4+Tcell count is a good baseline determination of where we stand immunologically. High CD4+Tcell count means that our body is doing great, and we are very far from a point of immune failure. Well, a... Read more »

Just Diagnosed With a CD4 Count of 5

Posted by thespoonybard, 1 Reply
...to admit me to ICU. On January 25th, 2009 I was diagnosed as HIV positive and classified an AIDS patient. They told me my CD4 count was 5. I was floored. It felt like my mind was trying to escape from my body to run away from this. Even... Read more »
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