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Hepatitis B Vaccination Shot Series Interuption

If a person has had one or two shots in the three shot series, discontinued for some reason for quite some time and then want's to complete the series, can the series be resumed where it left off, or is there a time frame as to how long before you...
Douglas T. Dieterich, M.D.

Response from Douglas T. Dieterich, M.D.

New York University, School of Medicine
...It is probably safer to start the series over, but you can always check the antibody level and just get the booster. Either way there is no danger. Almost everyone one Read more »

Hepatitis B Vacine series

How accurate do the shots need to occur between the first and second shot? How many months between... Read more »


I had the Hepatitis B 3 shot series, done in 2007, just recently this month of 2009, I god a blood... Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

New Hampshire Public Radio Series Examines "Building Wave" of Hepatitis C in State

... New Hampshire Public Radio 's " NHPR News " last week aired a two-part series, titled "Hepatitis C: The Uncounted Disease," that examined a "building wave" of the disease that is hitting the state's health Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Hepatitis B FAQs for the Public

...B? There are many different blood tests available to diagnose Hepatitis B. They can be ordered as an individual test or as a series of tests. Ask your health professional to explain what he or she hopes to learn from the tests and when you will... Read more »
San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions About Hepatitis

...of 3 shots over 5-6 months. To get full protection (immunity) against Hepatitis A or B, you must get all of the shots in each series. Almost everyone infected with Hepatitis A completely recovers in about 4 to 8 weeks. There is no medication for... Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Hepatitis A FAQs for the Public

...systems. Is it harmful to have an extra dose of Hepatitis A vaccine or to repeat the entire Hepatitis A vaccine series? No, getting extra doses of Hepatitis A vaccine is not harmful. What should be done if the last dose of... Read more »
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...comenten por fa o ya no me dicen nada por q estoy perdido_ ya hasta creo q tal vez tenga hepatitisRead more »

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...Mark and Jack live an the Bahamas having fun and frolicking all day long. Mark the smarter one has himself vaccinated against hepatitis the same day Jack gets infected. Both meet each other at the STD testing center.Both have antibodies against... Read more »


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...have some questions that are not well answered here or in another sites. What are the possibilities of being infected with Hepatitis B from a relation with a woman via vaginal without protection? Many sites claim that the Hep B virus is... Read more »