Hepatitis Relapse Symptoms

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Hepatitis C Genotype 1 Relapser Treatment

I have had hep c for probably many years., Low level cirrhosis was found from biopsy done prior to treatment. I completed interferon/ribivarincourse for hepatitis c (1) with undetectable viral load at end of 24 and 48 weeks. The virus is again...
Barbara McGovern, M.D.

Response from Barbara McGovern, M.D.

Tufts University School of Medicine
My personal choice would be to put you on maintenance therapy pending results of large trials of this approach.Since you have cirrhosis, but responded to therapy, there is an excellent chance of viral load suppression on low dose pegylated... Read more »

Severe Hep A symptom relapse

Hello Doctor. This question is 3-part. I was an aid worker in a remote part of Sudan and... Read more »

Porn Guy Relapsed ...

Dr. Bob,Ok I know I have been writing alot and asking numerous questions and am a complete... Read more »
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Hepatitis A FAQs for Health Professionals

... Table of Contents Overview and Statistics Hepatitis A Vaccination Hepatitis A and International Travel Postexposure Prophylaxis for Hepatitis A Overview and Statistics Read more »
The Well Project

Hepatitis A

... Table of Contents What Is Hepatitis A? Diagnosis and Treatment Prevention of HAV References What Is Hepatitis A? Hepatitis is an inflammation, Read more »
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Hepatitis C Treatment and Management

... Hepatitis C treatment: how, why, when Who needs treatment? How is hepatitis C treated? What is pegylated interferon? How long Read more »
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...health care provider. Other potential side effects are liver problems, such as an increase in liver enzymes (AST, ALT, and GGT), hepatitis, or jaundice (yellowing of skin), and increased muscle enzyme (CPK) and uric acid. People with hepatitis B... Read more »
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insertive oral sex and vih and hepatitis b

Posted by nightsunami
...can i infectet by hepatitis B for insertive oral sex?? i have a negative VIH test from 1 year... Read more »

hepatitis b and insertive oral sex

Posted by nightsunami
...can i infected by hepatitis B from insertive oral sex??im negative test 5 monts and 2 weeks of HIV after my last encountrer- thanks Read more »

hepatitis B (duda solo por si hay algun medico)

Posted by Mairannnn, 2 Replies
...cual es el periodo de ventana de la hepatitis b? y ya que estamos de la c? en que lapso de tiempo es aconsejable hacer una serologia? saludos Read more »

having a relapse, please help!!!!!!

Posted by notanonymous, 2 Replies
i'm trying to be very strong. i feel so much better than i did a month or two ago. i can see light at the end of the tunnel, but i am having some negative thoughts. (pun may or may not apply). ok, i had a negative 3rd generation hiv 1/2 and pcr rna... Read more »