Hep B Surface Antigen Non Reactive

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New Lab Results After Your Advice

I was answered by you on 29th under title"My Son Is My Life, Please Respond!. I gave him another dose of Engerix B on 30-Dec and done retesting and new results are.HEP B. Surface > Antigen..Non-Reactive (0.61)HEP.B Surface Antibody...Reactive...
Barbara McGovern, M.D.

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Tufts University School of Medicine
It looks like the vaccine worked well...You should talk to your doctor about periodic retesting to see if the protective antibody titers are falling and if he needs revaccination. However, most people do well over the years, if they do not have any... Read more »

My Son Is My Life..Please Respond!

This is my 2nd request, unfortunately the 1st one was not replied by you. Anyhow, my son born on... Read more »

Test Results for Hep B

My original test said I was borderline then positive after a confirmation, however my second... Read more »
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Hepatitis: Overview

...sewage in it, or through food that was handled by someone with contaminated hands. Hep A and Hep E do not cause chronic illness. Hepatitis B is the most common hepatitis virus. It can be transmitted from mother to infant, through sexual... Read more »
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Vaccinations and HIV

...Hepatitis A is usually not serious but it can be for someone with a weakened liver. This includes people who are infected with hepatitis B or C. Two hepatitis A vaccine shots can protect you for about 20 years. Hepatitis B can cause serious... Read more »
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Drug Use and HIV

...Injection and Infection HIV infection spreads easily when people share equipment to use drugs. Sharing equipment also spreads hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and other serious diseases. Infected blood can be drawn up into a syringe and then get... Read more »
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...effect most patients might notice is stomach gas. Viread, like Epivir, has some activity against hepatitis B, so those with hep B should consult with their doctors before starting this drug. -- Jeff Taylor Got a comment on this article?... Read more »