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Getting Insulin Resistance When You Have Hiv

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AIDS InfoNet

Body Shape Changes (Lipodystrophy)

...Fat deposits can show up in the stomach, the back of the neck (a "buffalo hump"), the breasts (in both men and women) or other areas. Metabolic changes can include increases in blood fats or lactic acid. Some people get "insulin resistance." Blood fats include cholesterol and triglycerides. Lactic acid is produced when glucose (sugar) is used by the cells. Damage to the mitochondria (see Fact Sheet 556 ) or the liver can...
Ask the Experts

insulin resistance

Everyone lately is talking about this "insulin resistance", could you please expain to me what exactly it is, who gets it, what are the symptoms and what to do about it. Thanks.
Cade Fields-Gardner M.S., R.D.

Response from Cade Fields-Gardner M.S., R.D.

The Cutting Edge
...Insulin resistance is when your body is making enough insulin but your body isn't using it effectively. Not everyone gets this, but chronic infection Read more »

lipo & insulin resistance

Is lipodystrophy caused by insulin resistance? The cells not receptive to the insulin and not allowing the glucose into the cells?
Cade Fields-Gardner M.S., R.D.

Response from Cade Fields-Gardner M.S., R.D.

The Cutting Edge
...Insulin resistance has been considered a culprit in fat redistribution. Chronic HIV infection, medications, response to treatment from very low Read more »


I have been reading alot of your responses and you are very good, One question I am insulin resistant no meds etc, all of the experts I have spoken to say that hiv has no bearing on insulin resistance doesnt cause it or effect it, but in one of your...
Cade Fields-Gardner M.S., R.D.

Response from Cade Fields-Gardner M.S., R.D.

The Cutting Edge
...Insulin resistance can be one of the many changes that occurs when the body reacts to infection or injury, particularly if the reaction is chronic Read more »

Nandrolone causing Insulin Resistance for type 1 diabetic

I have had type 1 diabetes for 19 years. In December, I started giving myself Nandrolone injections every other week for HIV related wasting. My blood glucose values, which, quite honestly, never could have been called well controlled, have been...
Graeme Moyle, M.D.

Response from Graeme Moyle, M.D.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
...The association between anabolic steroids and insulin resistance is well known. Insulin is an anabolic agent and adjusting your insulin dosing after stopping the anabolics, and getting you diabetes Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Insulin Resistance in HIV Lipodystrophy Syndrome

...Researchers recently completed a study identifying the incidence of insulin resistance in HIV-patients who exhibit signs of lipodystrophy. The authors noted two significant metabolic changes occurring in those patients, Read more »
The Body PRO

HIV/HCV-Coinfected Patients Appear More Likely Than HIV-Monoinfected Patients to Develop Insulin Resistance After Initiating HAART

...that there were some metabolic differences as these coinfected people went on antiretroviral therapy. We saw higher levels of insulin resistance as measured by HOMA [homeostasis model assessment] and increased rates of diabetes at week 96, which... Read more »
Body Health Resources Foundation

Blood Sugar Problems (Insulin Resistance, Diabetes, etc.), it can create health problems: When your cells have trouble using insulin to turn glucose into energy, this is called "insulin resistance." Insulin resistance can cause glucose to build up in your bloodstream, since it has nowhere to go.... Read more »
The Body PRO

The Role of Nucleoside Analogs in the Development of Insulin Resistance

...Given that HIV-infected patients can now survive for decades on antiretroviral therapy, comorbidities such as lipodystrophy and insulin resistance have moved to the forefront of HIV management. Yet, much remains to be discovered about these... Read more »
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Should i receve the treatment

Posted by lostinca88, 2 Replies
I just fund out I am infected.. totally lost... my question is should i get treatment... ? without treatment, how long it may last... want to have a normal life as long as possible... Read more »

Am I Infected

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I am 30 YO guy. Worried that I may have got infected. I met this friend of mine on 5th of Dec 2010 which was just a causual meeting after 5 years. After having drinks she started touching me and I got aroused and we end up mating. While in act, she... Read more »

Highly resistant HIV

Posted by BeerMe30, 3 Replies
...a month after finding out positive. I just found out my lab results yesterday and it shows I have a high resistant form of HIV. I am just looking to hear from others who have a highly resistant strain. I am on 5 meds, might be adding a 6th. ... Read more »

HIV and Treatment Denial

Posted by Deny, 3 Replies
...I was told a month ago by my doctor that I was HIV positive and that my cd4 count was 380. My doctor informed me of the various treatments to take if my CD4 drops below 350. Read more »