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Explanation Of Hiv

Here's a taste of what has to offer on this topic:

Presence of Binding Antibodies in Genital Secretions of High-Risk, HIV-Uninfected Women Offers Possible Explanation of "HIV Immunity" Enigma

There's nothing like hearing the results of studies directly from those who actually conducted the research. It is these women and men who are transforming HIV treatment and care. In this interview, you'll meet one of these impressive HIV... Read more »
Black AIDS Institute

No Explanation Yet for Higher MSM HIV Rates

Edward Thomas (New York) and Cheikh Traore (London) Mexico City -- Gay and bisexual men account for more than half of new U.S. HIV infections and experience the highest HIV infection rate of any demographic group, according to the Centers for... Read more »
Lambda Legal

Still No Explanation From California State Agency on Release of Confidential HIV Information: ACLU and Lambda Legal Prepare Further Action

Sacramento, Calif. -- The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) has failed to provide a meaningful explanation for its illegal release of the names of some 5,000 HIV-positive Medi-Cal recipients to a third-party service provider,... Read more »
Ask the Experts

Full explanation why HIV is not found in urine. Hands on proof based on experience would help.

I know I'm asking of too much, but if there was someone with hands on laboratory experience with handling HIV urine is available please explain to me why HIV is not found in urine. Also are the palm of the hands a direct entry of viruses like...
Shannon Southall

Response from Shannon Southall

Rocky Mountain CARES
HiAfter having to answer this question several times for you I hope this again will give you the answer that you are wanting:HIV is found in the urine of an infected person. However, it is not possible to contract HIV from contact with the urine of... Read more »

Need an Explanation

Hello there,I know that condoms are highly effective in preventing HIV infection, BUT at the same time people complain of its failiar to prevent pregnancy.Thanks in advance...
Calvin Spinks. M.A.

Response from Calvin Spinks. M.A.

Saint Louis Effort for AIDS
Hello reader,Fortunately, condoms have been proven to greatly reduce a person's risk for HIV, STD's and pregnancy. In a nutshell, when condoms aren't effective we don't use them correctly, wear them consistently or store them... Read more »

term explanation

In "2003 Medical Management Of HIV Infection" book published by Johns Hopkins University they describe HIV associated rash as ERYTHEMATOUS, MACULOPAPULAR. Would you please explain what these medical terms mean:1. ERYTHEMATOUS,2....
Graeme Moyle, M.D.

Response from Graeme Moyle, M.D.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
1. Red2. Lumpy-bumpy, raisedRegardsGraeme Moyle... Read more »

Further explanation Please

Hi Dr. Jackson,I was told that HIV was found to live 72hrs out of the body. Can you tell me, if an object, such as a bottle, were inserted into a woman then taken out, and about 1 hr later (maybe more)put in another woman, could HIV be transmitted?...
Brooks Jackson, M.D.

Response from Brooks Jackson, M.D.

Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine
HIV is viable outside of the body for several days if kept in a moist body fluid. However, it is much more difficult to grow once the fluid dries, but can be done if placed in the right culture media and at the right temperature. In the case you... Read more »
Connect With Others

Extremely perplexed! Symptoms and no explanation!

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
Hi All,

A very good day to u all.

I have a question to anyone who can provide some helpful information.

I was exposed to HIV 19 months ago.

Since then, I've had a whole host of symptoms, ie. chronic fatigue, muscle aches and exercise intolorence, weak... Read more »

Explanation for curious patient report?

Posted by renklar, 2 Replies
I hate to keep scaring myself, but I saw this in Dr. Bob's forum:

Does anybody have a possible explanation for high viral load and no antibodies? Read more »


Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
Ok people let me explain about my posting on which you all seem confused.
1.The only time that i have seen a patient with no-antibodys,and a confirmed hiv infection is,when the patient had full blown aids and the patient had "seroreverted".
NOT... Read more »

No explanation yet......

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
Im still waiting for my infectious disease doctor to give me a diagnosis.......I tested negative 11 weeks post exposure but my cd4 count is at 266 at 27%. I had the EIA 1&2, pcr rna ultrasensitive test at week 11.......I need some advise... Read more »