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Epidemiology And Hiv Therapy

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IRIS: A Concern for People Starting HIV Therapy

...beginning to sort out the condition, it is still not well understood. It's not clear who will more likely experience IRIS, though it most often occurs in people with severely damaged immune systems shortly after they start taking HIV therapy. More study needs to tease out its risk factors and to find screening tools to help predict and manage the condition. The symptoms are also found in HIV-negative people. However, this publication...
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Anti-HIV Therapy

What is the recommended HIV therapy for people with viral load of 100,000 but with a CD4+ of nomal range 600-1,300)?
David Wohl, M.D.

Response from David Wohl, M.D.

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Trick question!Many docs, maybe this one, would not treat someone with a really high CD4 - even if the viral load is 100K. The idea is that with close monitoring, therapy can be started when there is an evident decline in CD4 cell numbers or when... Read more »

diabetes and new HIV therapy

I just recently began taking Viramune and Epzicom after a two year break from any HIV meds. Since I started taking the Viramune twice daily I notice that my blood sugars tend to run higher and I require more insulin. Before Viramune and Epzicom, I...
Keith Henry, M.D.

Response from Keith Henry, M.D.

University of Minnesota, School of Medicine
Both Epzicom and Viramune have generally not been linked to problems with either glucose tolerance or fat/lipid problems. Those meds are viewed as being on the low impact on metabolic parameters side of the scale when compared to many other... Read more »

Newly hiv+

Hi Dr. Frascino, I recently learned I am hiv+. First thing I did was find a hiv specialist who I liked -- can't tell people how important it is to have a health care provider you like. My viral load is 198 and CD4 453. Given the new guidelines to...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...HIVers is an average and primarily based on historical epidemiological studies done prior to the availability of potent anti-HIV therapies. In most cases there is an inverse correlation between HIV plasma viral load and CD4 count: If the viral... Read more »

starting HIV therapy (Brain-2)

Dear Dr. Feinberg, Thank you very much for your response. I did not realize this could be something as serious as encephalopathy. I will talk to my doctor about it at my next appointment. However, I will also take a couple of weeks of vacation to...
Judith Feinberg, M.D.

Response from Judith Feinberg, M.D.

University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine
...Without symptoms or complications of HIV disease, there is no rush for you to start HIV therapy at this time if you're not ready to do it. You do not yet meet the US Public Health Service guidelines for treatment. That Read more »
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Session 28: Epidemiology: Effects of HIV-1 Therapy on the Cost of Care and Hospitalization

‘The Cost of Having HAART’ Poster session abstracts 199-202, 204 Several groups examined the cost implications of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART). In each study , the expense of the drug regimen and of the necessary viral load... Read more »
International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care

Looking into the Future of HIV Therapy

...immune-based therapies. Cooper is Professor of Medicine at the University of New South Wales, Director of the National Centre in HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research, and Director of the HIV Medicine Unit at St. Vincent's Hospital in Sydney.... Read more »
U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

The Evidence That HIV Causes AIDS

...majority of patients received HAART ( Mocroft et al. Lancet 2000;356:291). Among HIV-infected patients who receive anti-HIV therapy, those whose viral loads are driven to low levels are much less likely to develop AIDS or die than patients... Read more »
International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care

Metabolic Complications of HIV Therapy

...avascular necrosis and HIV. AIDS Read . 2000;10:570-573. Allison GT, Bostrom MP, Glesby MJ. Osteonecrosis in HIV disease: Epidemiology, etiologies, and clinical management. AIDS . 2003;17:1-9. Qaqish RB, Sims KA. Bone disorders associated... Read more »
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4th Generation HIV Test

Posted by Trophy
...the market have near perfect and equivalent degrees of sensitivity for detecting most individuals who are infected with HIV (epidemiologic sensitivity), but they vary in their ability to detect low levels of antibody (analytical sensitivity),... Read more »

New HIV therapy shows promise

Posted by losing_it, 1 Reply
Saw this on cnn today..... WASHINGTON (AP) -- Researchers may finally be on track to fight the AIDS virus by blocking a long-elusive target, an HIV enzyme called integrase. An experimental drug that inhibits the enzyme helped to keep the infection... Read more »

has anyone read this book?

Posted by Anonymous
...for All Diseases by Hulda Regehr Clark See more in the Page You Made Look for related items by keyword * Products: hiv therapy | aids therapy | hiv aids | hiv disease Look for similar items by category * Subjects > Health,... Read more »

Are They Right?

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
Why do some people insist that HIV does not cause AIDS and that test is not accurate? Read more »