Ejaculation In Mouth What The Risk

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I am wondering if I might be at risk for HIV. I had sexual contact with a male for the first time a few weeks ago. He has told me he is HIV negative and does not have any STDs but you never know I suppose. We had oral sex but not anal sex. He...
Ewald Horwath, M.D.

Response from Ewald Horwath, M.D.

University of Miami School of Medicine
...The risk for HIV from what you did is relatively low, but you need to use condoms in the future is you want to protect yourself adequately Read more »

Risk of spread to Partner

After giving blood I have recently found out that I have chronic Hep B with a very low virus count.... Read more »


Can you get HIV from giving oral sex to a man with a condom? If the guy does not ejaculate would... Read more »
The Well Project

Oral Sex: What's the Real Risk for HIV?

...activity, people have reportedlybecome infected with HIV in this way. A number of studies have tried todetermine the exact level of risk of oral sex, but it can be difficult to getaccurate information from study participants. Since oral sex is... Read more »
Rick Sowadsky, M.S.P.H.

Separating Myths From Facts

...During Vaginal and Anal Sex Is at Low Risk for HIV. Fact: In reality, the top partner (the inserting partner) is at high risk of infection, and the bottom partner (the receiving partner) is at even higher risk of infection. This is because... Read more »
Rick Sowadsky, M.S.P.H.

Frequently Asked Questions (I)

...concentrations that nobody has ever been infected through them. However, if any body fluid is visibly contaminated with blood, the risk of transmission exists. How is HIV transmitted? HIV must get into your bloodstream in order to... Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


...burning sensation when urinating, increased vaginal discharge, or vaginal bleeding between periods. Women with gonorrhea are at risk of developing serious complications from the infection, regardless of the presence or severity of symptoms. ... Read more »
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receiving oral sex and risk of Hiv

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
...or blood in her mouth nore on my penis after the incident but I was wondering even if some of those were present how much at risk would I be? how long should I wait to get tested. thank you guys for your help. Read more »

Just venting...

Posted by Anonymous, 4 Replies
Hi, I'm new to this forum, and I need desperately to vent so here I am. I was with a collegue, we were a little tipsy after a party and we ended up having unprotected oral sex and then I asked for a condom, we used it, but somehow in the middle of... Read more »

Worried - like most people here

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
How easy is to contract the HIV Virus through 1. Mutual masterbation 2. Oral Sex (giving and recieving) 3. Rimming The reason I ask is that I participated in these actions last night and am kind of worried. Read more »

Risk of mouth to mouth tranmission during threesom

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
...after she had oral with the other guy. Probably 2 to five minutes after. i don't believe the guy ejaculated. what are my risks of this open mouth kiss. scared and confused. Any input would help. Thank you. Read more »