Does Garlic Help Hiv Patients

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Garlic and Hiv

I just read online that Garlic can interfere with hiv medications,is this true? I mentioned this awhile back to my doctor and she said she never heard that and that it`s good for me ? Please help ! Dave
Benjamin Young, M.D., Ph.D.

Response from Benjamin Young, M.D., Ph.D.

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...many drugs, including other HIV medications.For this reason, I'm very cautious in recommending the use of supplements for my patients-- I'd defer on taking extra garlic unless this is discussed with your doctor and pharmacist. If they're not... Read more »

Garlic supplements to lower cholesterol/triglycerides?

God bless you all for the wonderful work you continue to do for people like me. It is greatly... Read more »


Adding Fresh Garlic or Minced Garlic by spice world in a jar to your food while cooking it be... Read more »
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...least 1 week before surgery. Garlic has been found to interfere with the effectiveness of saquinavir, a drug used to treat HIV infection. Its effect on other drugs has not been well studied. Tell your health care providers about any... Read more »
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...advantages of using a ritonavir-boosted PI versus unboosted PIs, including seeing minimal, if any, drug resistance in PI-naive patients who did not maintain virologic suppression -- this "high genetic barrier" minimizing the risk of virologic... Read more »
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... Common Name: saquinavir Brand Name: Invirase Class: HIV protease inhibitor (PI) Standard dose: Two 500 mg film-coated tablets with 100 mg Norvir two times a day with food, or Read more »
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Viracept ViiV Healthcare, 1 (877) 844-8872 Potential side effects and toxicity: Most common include diarrhea (15-20% of patients), stomach discomfort, nausea, gas, weakness, and rash. People with phenylketonuria should be aware that the... Read more »