Do Doctors Check If You Have Hiv Virus If You Have Mrsa

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Dr. Bob please answer, eagerly awaiting response -Contracted MRSA and Herpes from being rimmed Follow Up Questions

Hi Dr. Bob,Sorry to be a pest, but I am freaking out (eagerly) awaiting your response to my question...The question is this...I was rimmed / oral from the prostitute late may 2007 (only possible exosure) tested 6 times after (last test on dec 31st...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...whom? Certainly not from me or this Web site!Your fears are completely unwarranted. You and your wife's repeatedly negative HIV tests are definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. No additional tests are warranted.... Read more »

Contracted MRSA and Herpes from being rimmed

To Dr. Bob,On May 31st, 2007 I went to a Massage Parlour where I received oral sex with saran wrap... Read more »


My partner is HIV+, and myself HIV-. We believe my partner has picked up MRSA from the Hospital... Read more »
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Demystifying MRSA

...medical devices that pass through the skin into the body (such as catheters) present This definition is important for the doctors and nurses taking care of you so they can treat you appropriately. How Do I Know if I Am Infected? Well, before... Read more »
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HIV Treatment 101 have to do differently." -- Pam Yelsky , diagnosed in 1992 To determine if you need to take HIV medications, your doctor will take at least two blood tests: a viral load test to see how much HIV is in your bloodstream, and a... Read more »
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What Is HIV?

... Let's start with the basics . HIV is short for "human immunodeficiency virus." How Do You Get HIV? Meet the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) You can get HIV through unprotected sex or by sharing needles or other equipment... Read more »
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HIV and Hepatitis C Co-Infection

...risk of side effects with HIVmedications may be slightly higher. I have HIV. What are mytreatment options for Hep C? Your doctor will see how healthy your liver is bydoing blood tests and other procedures such asan ultrasound or biopsy of your... Read more »
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HIV Positive Doctors and Medical Students

Posted by JumptheHorizon, 4 Replies
...was about one month after I think I could have been infected, but my lymphocytes were down). Anyway, what is the story for Doctors who are HIV positive? I saw a news article in the newspaper which said that recent patients of a HIV positive... Read more »

Could it be....

Posted by kel22, 1 Reply
...flu - headache, flucating fever, body aches, chills, etc. He also developed an upset stomach for several days. He went to the doctor and she told him to head to the hospital. He was then admitted - there they tested him for EBV, the flu all of... Read more »

HIV and MRSA I need info.

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
...My daughter is HIV positive. Last year she gave birth to a healthy little girl. I was there for the birth and went into the delivery room. She soon Read more »

Sister having issues...

Posted by kat01, 2 Replies
...she has given her daughter a death sentence.She is in another state in a hospital she has tried to commit suicide twice.Her doctor has told that she has maybe two yrs because she was also diagnosed with dialated cardio myopathy.In the past year... Read more »