Deep Kissing Now After 7 Days I Have Fever And Headache

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Deep kissing = Death Kissing?

Hello Dr bob.Greetings from South Korea,one of my friend told me about your site and i found it an excellent information plate form for millions accross the's my second time that i have been writting you with the hope that you will reply to...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...HIV risk is essentially nonexistent. Yes, I have provided statistical risk estimates for various sexual activities. The reason kissing (French or otherwise) was not listed is that the risk is so minute that it remains limited to extraordinary... Read more »

kissing with bad gums

Hey Mr. Frascino. I am donating when I get back to the States for Thanksgiving and can more easily... Read more »

Dangerous Kissing ? Pls help !!! =(

Hi Doctor Bob,a greeting from Mexico, first of all thanks for all the effort you put on this site,... Read more »
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What Is AIDS?

...if I'm HIV Positive? You might not know if you get infected by HIV. Within a few weeks after being infected, some people get fever, headache, sore muscles and joints, stomach ache, swollen lymph glands, or a skin rash for one or two weeks. Most... Read more »
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Tesamorelin and Excess Deep Belly Fat

...Study Volunteers In a Phase 3 study, 550 people were given 2mg tesamorelin while 266 were given placebo, by injection once a day. Adherence to the regimen was 99% or higher for both groups. All had CD4s above 300, and 3 in 4 had undetectable... Read more »
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...(redness or inflammation of the eye, which if untreated may result in permanent vision loss), swelling, muscle or joint aches, fever or malaise (general ill feeling), you should stop the medication, and seek medical attention right away. Body fat... Read more »
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HIV Transmission

...artificially high concentrations of laboratory-grown virus. Although these unnatural concentrations of HIV can be kept alive for days or even weeks under precisely controlled and limited laboratory conditions, CDC studies have shown that drying... Read more »
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please help me. deep kiss and cuts .

Posted by ind234567, 2 Replies
...believe the girl did it on purpose to infect max no of people. im scared now. at the time of kiss i dont remember tasing blood. today i rechecked myself by biting my lips with almost same pressure and i had visisble blood in my saliva. i think... Read more »


Posted by Katietaylor, 1 Reply
...what I believe my risky exposure. Im a 34 year old woman who lives in South Africa were HIV is not really discussed in great depth and status isnt really discolsed. The only thing we are ever told is that a condom must be used for vaginal or... Read more »

Deep Kissing

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies life as ended, or almost ended, i tested negative after 2 months but the syntoms never ended and are getting bigger everyday. Is it possible so many syntoms and the test being negative Read more »

AIDS Timeline, Deep kissing in 1997

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
...I believe the last deepkissing incident was in 1997 Read more »