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Cuts And Hiv Infection

Here's a taste of what has to offer on this topic:
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

South Africa Targets 50 Percent Cut in HIV Infections

On Tuesday in Cape Town, a senior South African HIV/AIDS official told members of Parliament that the five-year National Strategic Plan to fight HIV will be in place next month. "It is a statement of intent whose target is, among other things, to... Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Malaysia Aims to Cut HIV Infection Rate by 20 Percent in Next Year

Warning that AIDS could reverse a half-century of development gains, Malaysian Health Minister Cua Soi Lek recently announced a goal of reducing the nation's HIV infection rate by 20 percent "by the end of 2007 or early 2008." Measures to be... Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Rwanda Launches Non-Surgical Circumcision Drive in Effort to Cut HIV Infections

"Rwanda launched Tuesday a national drive to 'non-surgically' circumcise 700,000 men in a bid to cut rates of HIV infection, claiming to be the first country in the world to do so," Agence France-Presse reports. "The government said circumcision... Read more »
Ask the Experts

The depth of the cut to infect with hiv

I got a scratch on my hips.The skin just swelled.. no sign of blood..but later the platelets acted and the wound covered..A man pressed his elbow to my hips when i was sitting in a bus..i didn't felt any pain at that time.But when i walked...
Shannon Southall

Response from Shannon Southall

Rocky Mountain CARES
HiNo need to worry. HIV transmission can only occur when there is a direct and prolonged exposure to body fluids, semen, vaginal fluid, blood or mother to child through breast feeding. This most commonly occurs through unprotected vaginal or anal... Read more »

HIV infection due to cuts/use of blades

Dear Dr. Feinberg,I bought a Victorinox utility knife on a cutlery. This was on display. The vendor told me she often cuts herself when displaying the knives. I am not sure if she cut herself with the one I bought, but it is likely (if she is...
Judith Feinberg, M.D.

Response from Judith Feinberg, M.D.

University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine
If you wipe your new knife with a dilute solution of household bleach, 1 part bleach to 9 parts water, it will kill any HIV present. By the time the blood dries, the HIV would be dead anyway, but you can use the vleach for extra... Read more »

HIV infection from open cut

Please help me with this apprehension.I asked someone (I suspect with HIV) outside a pub for a cigarette. He took it out from his pack using his fingers holding the filter and gave me. I lit it immediately and smoked the cigarette. Later I realized...
Shannon Southall

Response from Shannon Southall

Rocky Mountain CARES
HIThis is not a way for HIV transmission to occur. If indeed there happened to be blood on the cigarette, HIV begins to die once it is outside of the body and is unable to infect. There would have to be a significant amount of blood on the... Read more »

Risk from a person infected with HIV having cut wound took blood sample

A technician was having a wound coved by band aid and he took my blood in a laboratory. I am now worried if i will be infected of HIV if the technician who took my blood sample is infected with HIV??...
Erik Glenn, M.A.

Response from Erik Glenn, M.A.

Chicago Black Gay Mens Caucus
Thanks for your question,If I understand you correctly, the person taking your blood had a band-aid on and you're worried if there was blood there that could infect you?No.There is no risk from what you're telling me. The technician's... Read more »
Connect With Others

am i infected? cut on frenulum after removing condom

Posted by spread
I had protected sex with a local sex worker.
After i had a protected sex, using condom, i removed the condom using my bare hands. The condom was wet with vaginal fluids, and i touch it making my fingers wet with vaginal fluids. Immediately After... Read more »

small cut and infection

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
I am curious on the likelyhood of transmission. I had masturbated another guy, and he had precummed, he did not fully ejaculate. It was brief. Anyways I had bit my nails a couple hours before this, and later that night I noticed some minor... Read more »

Infected Blood to Cut on finger!!!

I am working in a Departmental store with the petrol station.
There a lady customer came in asking for BAND AID for her open would profously bleeding. and i being and customer service manager. went out to help her and tried to put BAND AID with bare... Read more »

Infected via cut likelihood

Posted by Anonymous
I accidentally stuck myself with a pair of scissors that were in the blood bank at work 9 weeks ago. The scissors had been sitting at room temperature for at least 12 hours without use and there was no visible blood on them. I didn't think anything... Read more »