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HIV for 20 years and current AIDS diagnosis...but recovering

My BF has been poz for at least 20 years. Has resistance to many meds. In 11/2007 restarted therapy, and is 100% compliant. Inital labs in 10/2007 were: CD4 (5)..yes, five! and VL (275,000). As of 12/2007 CD4 (41) and VL (114)...yes 114! Takes...
Benjamin Young, M.D., Ph.D.

Response from Benjamin Young, M.D., Ph.D.

Rocky Mountain CARES
...Thanks for your post.Yes, it is entirely possible to recover from AIDS and have CD4s increase to over 200.. many of our readers have done exactly that. One place to start a scientific review of Read more »

Why!! The Denial Of Current AIDS organizations Federal Funded

Dr.Robert J. Frascino, MD I hope you Post this so it can seen and truth exposed about current HIV... Read more »

The Current State of Corticosteroid Treatment in HIV Disease

Dear doctor,Last year a British group published the results of a 10-year long study of low-dose... Read more »
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CLOSE THE GAPS: How to Counter the Retreat From HIV Treatment Scale-Up; Current and Future Prospects for Scaling Up Optimal AIDS Treatment

...(Drugs, Dosing, and Diagnostics) and Delivery of ART Presented by Eric Goemaere, South Africa Threats & Opportunities: The Current Policy Landscape Presented by Rolake Odetoyinbo Nwagwu (Invited), Nigeria Questions and Answers Sharonann... Read more »
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Global Commitments to Provide Universal Access to HIV/AIDS Treatment Will Not Be Met at Current Pace, Report Says

...Efforts to provide HIV-positive people in developing countries with universal access to treatment by 2010 will fall short at their current pace, according to a report released on Monday by ActionAid International as part of Global AIDS Week, ... Read more »
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Current Options for First-Line Treatment of HIV Infection

...AIDS. She is generally healthy and has no symptoms associated with HIV disease; however, she smokes a pack of cigarettes daily. Currently, the patient is employed as a teller at a bank. She is single, but in a monogamous heterosexual... Read more »
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Current Options for First-Line Treatment of HIV Infection

...patients. In many cases, recent studies of HIV therapies have produced unexpected results, suggesting there is still much about even currently available antiretrovirals that we do not understand. Therefore, it is imperative that patients be made... Read more »