Can You Use The Same Finger Prick Device For Hiv Testing Twice

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pregnanat healtcare worker purposely pricked herself w/needle and now demands i take an hiv test and is getting workers comp

I am HIV negative as of one year ago and am celibate so no reason to have a great fear of carrying the disease. I was recently in a "chain" weight loss center having my blood drawn and the nurse wore gloves, and everything went ok. She disappeared...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...offer to go with the nurse to a qualified medical facility where her incident could be documented and you could agree to be tested there if you so desire.Dr. Bob Read more »

Love u man!!! I would love you even more if you answer my questions.

Hey DOC...My questions is very simple. I went to a free STD clinic to get tested for HIV after 12... Read more »

hiv risk from lancet?

Dear Dr.I have heard about you on another forum, and people say you are an expert on the HIV topic... Read more »
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Ways to Test for HIV

...for HIV infection. These unapproved test kits use a simple fingerprick process for home blood collection or a special sponge device for saliva collection. The blood or saliva sample is then added to a plastic testingdevice containing a special... Read more »
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HIV Testing

...(IFA) Window Period Interpretation of Test Results Accuracy of Antibody Tests Anonymous HIVTesting Confidential HIVTestingHIV Name-Based Reporting Partner Notification Orasure Test... Read more »
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HIV Monitoring Test Basics

...viral load test, click here . To read more about viral load, check out our collection of articles . HIV Drug Resistance Testing Besides a CD4 count and viral load test, your HIV specialist will look at your overall health with a general... Read more »
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HIV Testing

... What Is HIVTesting? How Do I Get Tested? Who Should Get Tested? When Should I Get Tested? Do Any Tests Work Sooner After Infection? What Read more »
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bit of fear - pl advise

Posted by vin100, 1 Reply
...kind and pricked my finger with the same. In the testing anxiety i never noticed if she ever changed any needle or prickingdevice. Just want to clarify 1) Is there a risk in this kind of exposure - assuming she didnt change the needle at all? 2)... Read more »

Taking 20 min Oraquick finger prick tomorrow at 14

Posted by ExWorryWart, 5 Replies
...Prick rapid test done 14 weeks past my exposure. My rational mind says: I have extremely low risk (unprotected oral/fingering) Tested negative at 5 and 10 weeks The odds to me getting HIV is like winning powerball lottery (they say ;-) My... Read more »

Oraquick HIVrapid test light pink background

Posted by timemachine, 2 Replies
...test, she pricked my finger to get the blood and instead of using the white hoop to collect my blood specimen, she took the test device itself and scraped the blood from my finger onto the test device paddle, then put it into the solution and... Read more »

tested at six weeks

Posted by justsayno, 2 Replies
...but i think this was a side effect from when they gave me a HEP B jab. He has assurred me 100% that he is HIV negative and is tested every three months he even offered to come down to the sexual health clinic with me but I declined. I didnt catch... Read more »
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