Can You Have Surgery If You Have Aids

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Heart Surgery & AIDS

My triple bypass surgery was delayed for three weeks because the surgeon said that I wasn't strong enough physically. I am currently UD and CD4's are over 500. Surgeon was concerned because I was 5 to 7 pounds uderweight. He also said that my HIV...
Cade Fields-Gardner M.S., R.D.

Response from Cade Fields-Gardner M.S., R.D.

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...Just the fact that you are underweight makes your surgery a bit riskier. Surgery challenges the immune system without HIV infection. HIV infection is a chronic inflammatory disease and can complicate surgery because of a greater risk for... Read more »

Fractures and surgery on persons with AIDS

I am a rehabilitation case manager helping an injured worker with his on the job injury (fx of the... Read more »

Plastic Surgery for Person with AIDS

I was diagnosed with HIV in 1986. I became a paraplegic in 1988. I have had multiple myocutaneous... Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Wisconsin Advocacy Group Files Lawsuit Against Medical Clinic for Allegedly Refusing to Perform Surgery on HIV-Positive Woman

...U.S. District Court in Milwaukee against a Fond du Lac, Wis., medical clinic for allegedly refusing to perform surgery on an HIV-positive woman, the AP/ Chicago Tribune reports. The suit alleges that the defendants in the case -- Fond du Lac... Read more »
Lambda Legal

Lambda Legal and ARCW File Federal Lawsuit on Behalf of HIV-Positive Woman Denied Surgery by Healthcare Provider

...Wisconsin on behalf of Melody Rose, a 35-year-old Wisconsin woman who was denied surgery to remove her gallbladder because she has HIV. "Discrimination in healthcare remains a major problem for people living with HIV," said Peter Kimball,... Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Wisconsin Man Files Lawsuit Claiming Doctor Refused to Perform Surgery Because of His HIV-Positive Status

...Tuesday filed a lawsuit alleging that an orthopedist refused to perform a scheduled back surgery on him after learning he is HIV-positive, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports (Nunnally, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel , 10/5). The suit --... Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Colorado Lasik Vision Doctor Accused of Refusing to Perform Surgery on Two HIV-Positive People

...that the Lasik Vision Institute and its Glendale, Colo.-based doctor Paul Cutarelli refused to perform eye surgery on two HIV-positive customers, the Denver Post reports. According to a complaint filed with the Colorado Civil Rights... Read more »