Can You Get Hiv By Mixing Blood

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Blood Pressure Meds and HIV Meds -- Not a good mix

I'm in a medication rut. I've failed nearly every class of medications for blood pressure out there; some due to side effects (metabolic reactions with HIV meds, that were never known at the time), and the rest due to my body being hypersensitive...
Keith Henry, M.D.

Response from Keith Henry, M.D.

University of Minnesota, School of Medicine
...Blood pressure control can be challenging even in the general population. In many cases low (better tolerated) doses of 2-3 classes Read more »

about hive spreadig

hiv patient blood is mixing with sweet like a jamoon or other if we eat that sweet hiv is spread to... Read more »

hiv blood in raw honey

Hi Bob, I am so nevervous not able to concentrate on anything for the past 2 weeks.This is the... Read more »
AIDS InfoNet

Couples With Mixed HIV Status

... Serodiscordant Couples What Are the Special Issues for Mixed Couples? Reducing the Risks Using a Condom Other Ways to Reduce Risk If You Are Exposed to HIV ... Having Children Read more »
AIDS InfoNet

Drug Use and HIV

...share equipment to use drugs. Sharing equipment also spreads hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and other serious diseases. Infected blood can be drawn up into a syringe and then get injected along with the drug by the next user of the syringe. This is... Read more »
San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Safer Injection Guidelines That Can Reduce Health Risks Including Getting Infected With HIV or Hep

...difficult to destroy. It has not been proven that using bleach for 2 minutes also kills the Hepatitis C virus. It's possible that blood containing Hepatitis C can remain infectious outside of your body for up to 14 days and possibly more. Do not... Read more »
The Well Project

Understanding HIV-Related Lab Tests II: Viral Load, Resistance and Tropism

...side effects from the drugs If you are having problems that are not related to HIV Examples of lab tests: complete blood count, blood chemistry (seesheet called Understanding Lab Tests I ) HIV Illness How HIV is responding to... Read more »
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2 myths sooooo many mixed messages

Posted by eeek, 3 Replies
...whether or not kissing is a risk. Does anyone have the final word on this. I kissed someone 4 1/2 weeks ago, did not notice any blood at the time but had drank way too much so somewhat unsure, also I had a pimple on my lipline which I had... Read more »

Could HIV virus still survive after normal laundry

Posted by sushi77, 2 Replies
...Hello there, My pants were contaminated by somebody's blood the day before yesterday. Later, I put that pants into the laundry machine with some other clothes . I washed them in normal Read more »

Mixed Couple-French Kissing

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
Hi, We are planning to have protected sex, but what are the realistic risks for the neg partner with open mouth(french kissing). Someone please help. Thanks! Read more »

Concerned about possible transmission

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies Last night, after returning home from a local sporting event, I noticed on my left ring finger that there was some dried blood (not a lot,just a little bit.) After wiping it off with a damp towel, I noticed a cut just below the 2nd knuckle... Read more »
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