Can You Get Hiv By Having Sex With Your Mother

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HIV- Mother, HIV+ baby?The Body: Rick Sowadsky M.S.P.H., C.D.S, Answers to Safe Sex Questions

Suppose that an HIV positive person impregnates an HIV negative woman. Is it possible for the baby to become HIV positive without the mother contracting the virus? I have not heard of any such cases, but I am wondering if it is possible. Thank you...
Rick Sowadsky, M.P.H.

Response from Rick Sowadsky, M.P.H.

Nevada State Health Division AIDS Program
...Hi. Thank you for your question.The HIV virus is transmitted from an infected person directly to the next. If a mother is not infected with HIV, her baby will not be Read more »

has my mother a natural resistance?

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U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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... According to the provincial health bureau, Guangdong province in southern China reported 5,555 confirmed HIV cases in 2005. Cases included 468 AIDS patients and 96 people who died from the disease. Experts said the increase resulted from Read more »
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Women and HIV/AIDS

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Transmission Risk?

Posted by grcboy77, 1 Reply
...Hi, Recently I rubbed a girl of unknown HIV status through her jeans. It felt a little damp. About 5 minutes later I thoughtlessly picked a pimple which bled. What is Read more »

HIV contraction possible in this scenario?

Posted by Melissa_Rowan, 1 Reply
...wiped my nose with my shirt , my nose in which was sore and raw from a cold. Theoretically if the blood on my shirt was from an HIV+ person and I did wipe my sore and raw nose, is transmission possible? (I didn't have a bloody nose or anything) ... Read more »

I bet this is a stupid question but..

Posted by mollyshurtmen, 1 Reply
...Can you get HIV if there's blood on a qtip? After I showered I grabbed a qtip to clean my ears. After, I realized there was blood on it an Read more »

plz respond

Posted by keuhfrdshifr, 1 Reply
...2 days ago, i put my bottle cap on the edge of a drinking fountain. wat would b the risk if sum hiv + blood got under the cap, the cap got on my bottle, n the blood got under my lip where it's a mucous membrane? is there any Read more »