Can You Get Genital Warts From Having Oral Sex

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I have now donated. This is the third email in a very short amount of time - I am freaking out. I have a genital wart at the base of my penis. I had a prostitute give me oral sex with a condom on, but I don't know if the condom covered my wart or...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...think that's such a great idea. Instead I would recommend that you enroll in some drama-reduction classes!My advice:1.Get your genital warts treated! (You potentially exposed your sex worker to HPV! She's the one who should be writing to me. Not... Read more »

Genital Warts

I am having a hard time dealing with a situation that recently came up. I noticed some small bumps... Read more »

genital warts

i have genital warts and i was wondering if my partner(lesbian) could get them on or in her mouth... Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

What You Should Know about Oral Sex

... Oral Sex Is Not Risk Free Like all sexual activity, oral sex carries some risk of HIV transmission when one partner is known to be infected Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Virus That Causes Genital Warts Linked to Oral Cancer: Study

...using the Swedish Cancer Registry, Torbjorn Ramqvist and Tina Dalianis of the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm noted that oral sex has become more commonplace; people report more sex partners; and the age of sexual debut has decreased -- all of... Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Genital Wart Virus May Raise Men's Risk of HIV

...attributable to oncogenic types HPV-16 and HPV-18. The quadrivalent vaccine can also prevent low-risk HPV-6 and HPV-11, which cause genital warts. "[Hazard ratio] estimates from our analysis suggest that prophylactic vaccines that provide... Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Australia: Genital Wart Infections Plunge Following Vaccine Rollout

... Cases of genital warts at a large Australian health clinic have plunged in the 12 months since the introduction of the Gardasil vaccine. The three-shot Read more »