Can You Get HIV From Docking

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Transmission of HIV through docking?

I must admit, never thought this was possible but a friend described to me docking or simply for people who don't know the connecting of penis to penis of two people by sliding the foreskin from one partner over the other's penis. Now to me since...
Rick Sowadsky, M.P.H.

Response from Rick Sowadsky, M.P.H.

Nevada State Health Division AIDS Program
...Hi. Thank you for your question. Docking is when two men put their penises "head-to-head", and an uncircumcised man slides his foreskin directly over the penis of Read more »

jerk off with some else's saliva

hello! Im new to this page i have a question thats been bothering me for a while. I had a sexual... Read more »

Dick Docking and Penis Rubbing 2: Foreskin

Hello Dr Bob, Thanks to your last reply.That's my second time I sent this question. I've re-done a... Read more »
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...are supposedto enhance the product's effectiveness and improve its taste. Twocommon additions are watercress and Pau d'arco. Yellow dock orcurly dock are sometimes used instead of sheep's sorrel. Advocates of Essiac suggest using it only if it... Read more »
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HIV Testing 101

...(In general) Anal Sex (Insertive) Anal Sex (Receptive) Anal/Vaginal Intercouse (Unprotected) Bestiality Blood Testing Docking Fingering Fisting Frottage or Rubbing Kissing Lap Dancing Male vs. Female Transmission Masturbation ... Read more »
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Wall Street Journal Examines Pharmaceutical Companies' Efforts to Develop HIV Entry Inhibitors

...Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline currently are conducting clinical trials with experimental entry inhibitors that block HIV from "docking" with a human cell's CCR5 receptor, which is where HIV latches onto a cell to enter it, the Journal reports. ... Read more »
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Pharmaceutical Companies Working to Develop CCR5 Inhibitor Drugs to Treat HIV Infection

...than fighting the virus once it has entered cells, Reuters reports (Hirschler, Reuters, 2/16). CCR5 inhibitors block HIV from docking with a human cell's CCR5 receptor, which is where HIV latches onto a cell to enter it. Previous studies have... Read more »
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...receptors found on the surfaces of monocytes, immune cells that develop into macrophages. The neurokinin-1 receptors (NK-1R) are docking sites for substance P, a well-known neurotransmitter that plays important roles in both immune function and... Read more »


Posted by Anonymous, 3 Replies
...just had a physical (he said he has one every six months) for the navy and that they drew blood and he's sure he was tested for HIV - Should I believe him? Does anyone know if they test for HIV with yearly physicals- Also does anyone know of or... Read more »

HIV, guilt and death

Posted by Anonymous, 4 Replies
...just yesterday I found out indirectly from the doctor that he was diagnosed with PCP, an opportunistic infection, and he is HIV+. He has been in ICU since 12/14, and the doctor said that he is not going to make it. I was completely devastated. I... Read more »


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...that really scare me: fatigue sollen galnds in groin nausea sore throat for 2 days all after 4 weeks i am really scared its hiv I cant even type Read more »