Can You Catch Hiv From A Chef's Cooked Food

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HIV inside cooked food

Hello, does hiv survive inside cooked food? I have the impression that a cook can cut the hand while cooking and the infected blood enters the food and he/she cooks the food and give an uninfected person to eat. will this person be in infected too?
Mark Holodniy, M.D., F.A.C.P., C.I.C.

Response from Mark Holodniy, M.D., F.A.C.P., C.I.C.

Stanford University, School of Medicine
...HIV will not survive the temperatures in normally cookedfood. Read more »

We (my daughter and I) just donated and it felt Wonderful!!

Dear Dr. Bob, We (my daughter and I) just made a donation to your Foundation and it feels good. I... Read more »


if somebody who is cooking in your house for last 10 yrs has recently been diagnosed hiv , do u... Read more »
The Well Project

Hyperlipidemia and HIV/AIDS: High Cholesterol and Triglycerides

... Table of Contents Introduction Hyperlipidemia and HIV How to Know if you Have Hyperlipidemia Foods That Affect Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels Exercise and Hyperlipidemia Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

HIV Transmission long outside the body. Even if small amounts of HIV-infected blood or semen was consumed, exposure to the air, heat from cooking, and stomach acid would destroy the virus. Therefore, there is no risk of contracting HIV from eating food. ... Read more »
AIDS InfoNet

Wasting Syndrome

...just 5% of body weight can have the same negative effects. Wasting is still a problem for people with AIDS, even people whose HIV is controlled by medications. Part of the weight lost during wasting is fat. More important is the loss of muscle... Read more »
AIDS InfoNet

Cryptosporidiosis a problem, and your CD4 cell count (see Fact Sheet 124 ) is below 200, consider the following steps: Boil drinking or cooking water for one minute; or Drink bottled water; or Drink filtered water: Use a home filter labeled "1-micron... Read more »
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Posted by Jayjay28, 3 Replies
...I was wondering if anyone work in the food industry and if so id like to knw b4 my dream gets crushed ive always wanted to work in the food industry went to culinary school Read more »

Cooking question

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
...If someone gets a little cut while cooking and he actually touches the food, or if blood gets into the food, or if he touches the food with the wounded finger, could I Read more »

oily fatty foods causing BAD indigestion

Posted by BrokenWingedBird, 2 Replies
Anyone got any ideas? I've been suffering terrible stomach pains, indigestion, after eating anything with even the smallest amount of fat or oil in it. Yesterday I had an endoscopy. Immediately afterwards the specialist who performed the... Read more »

food prepared by HIV positive person

Posted by Anonymous, 6 Replies
...I have a family member, with whom I do not live, that has recently tested HIV positive. My concern now is should I eat food that the infected person has helped prepare (canning of fresh vegetables)when Read more »
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