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Can Sculptra Leave Lumps On Your Face

Here's a taste of what has to offer on this topic:
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An Overview of Poly-L-Lactic Acid (Sculptra, New-Fill)

Brand Name: Sculptra Other Name(s): New-Fill, PLA, PLLA Drug Class: Opportunistic Infection and Other Drugs Poly-L-lactic acid, also known as PLLA, is the main ingredient of Sculptra, also known as New-Fill. Sculptra is a powder that is mixed with water and then injected into the skin. Sculptra belongs to the class of medicines called dermal fillers. Injecting Sculptra into facial skin may give it a firmer, fuller appearance. PLLA is used...
Ask the Experts

Assistance with Sculptra

Dr.Pierone, I'm would like to get treatments of Sculptra, because my face is just so thin, and its making me so self-conscious. I know people are starring at my face, and its driving me nuts. However,cost is an issue, so who would you suggest...
Gerald Pierone, M.D.

Response from Gerald Pierone, M.D.

AIDS Research and Treatment Center of the Treasure Coast
There is a patient assistance program offered by the makers of Sculptra. The first step would be to find a provider who performs Sculptra injections and participates in the patient assistance program. The company web site has a feature that enables... Read more »

Sculptra for cheeckbones

Dear Dr.I have a very marked face wasting, I have been on Atripla for a year now, however I started having face fillers 4 years ago, when I started to notice my facial wasting. Radiesse seems to work very well in the hollow areas under the...
Gerald Pierone, M.D.

Response from Gerald Pierone, M.D.

AIDS Research and Treatment Center of the Treasure Coast
Hello and thanks for posting. Many people have very little tissue between the cheekbone and the skin and this does not preclude injection into this region. In fact, it is a very common area for volume augmentation and the results are usually quite... Read more »

Is it risky to use both Sculptra AND Silicone ?

Is it safe to use Sculptra (New Fill?) in combo with Silicone for facial wasting in the same treatment areas of the face?...
Keith Henry, M.D.

Response from Keith Henry, M.D.

University of Minnesota, School of Medicine
I am not sure how those two substances would interact with each other. I haven't seen any published data on that or had any patients utilize both. If any reader has any information on use of silicone and Sculptra at the same time please post.... Read more »


Hello, I would like to help answer some questions about Sculptra. I have had 5 sections done to my face. Under the eyes and temples and the cheek area. It has worked wonderfully. I can now look in the mirror and smile. Contact Sculptra online and...
Keith Henry, M.D.

Response from Keith Henry, M.D.

University of Minnesota, School of Medicine
Thank you for posting your experience for others to read. KH... Read more »
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Itchy bumps on face--On Isentress,Prezista,Norvir

Posted by llee, 2 Replies
Hi all,

my doctor put me on a combo of Isentress,Prezista,Norvir in June. Soon after I started I got itchy bumps all over my face, and also on my neck and upper chest and upper arms. According to the doctor it's because of Immune Reconstitution... Read more »

AIDS Patients Face Downside of Living Longer

Posted by ScotCharles
From the Sunday January 6, 2008 New York Times Front Section

CHICAGO John Holloway received a diagnosis of AIDS nearly two decades ago, when the disease was a speedy death sentence and treatment a distant dream.

Yet at 59 he is alive, thanks to a... Read more »

Outta here - can't take it anymore

Posted by Anonymous, 4 Replies
I am going to have to leave this board. I just can't handle all the people refusing to believe the obvious. It irks me to no end to read people's posts about how SURE they are that they are positive, despite numerous negative test results. It is... Read more »

Disclosure-Round #2 = TKO

Posted by Choosing2Liv, 5 Replies
Hello Folks,

Yesterday I rejoiced and shared how greatful I was that my wife forgave me, did not ask me to leave and said that she wanted our family to stay together.

Well, last night I'd plan to strongly suggest that we should get tested, just to be... Read more »