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Frequently Asked Questions About Crystal Methamphetamine

...overdose is associated with the rapid onset of kidney failure and collapse of the circulatory system. A large percentage of patients who die usually have symptoms of coma , shock , inability to pass and secrete urine, and muscle twitching. Other complications associated with methamphetamine intoxication include pulmonary edema, hypoglycemia, intracerebral hemorrhage, hyperthermia, hypertension, confusion, delirium and hyperactivity. ...
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Muscle twitching

Hi, I was just wondering what would cause muscle twitching. I never had this before and it started about 2 months ago. I have never had an HIV test. I seem to sometimes get little flutters through out my body every so often, but at night my body...
John L. Sullivan, M.D.

Response from John L. Sullivan, M.D.

University of Massachusetts, Medical School
This would be a very unusual manifestation of HIV; there are many possible explanations for your symptoms and you should discuss them with your Primary Care Physician;JLS. Read more »

Muscle Twitching

I have been diagnosed 22 years ago with AIDS. I am currently on Sustiva/Truvada for 2years and Sulfa for 12 years. My CD4 of 250 and VL 0.75. Two years ago I decided to exercise 4 x week upper and lower body. The past 3 weeks I have been getting...
Brian Conway, M.D.

Response from Brian Conway, M.D.

University of British Columbia
This probably relates as much as anything to your exercise routine. The specific locations you name are muscles that are easily overworked during more strenuous weight training. It appears to me that you may benefit from a review of your training... Read more »

Muscle twitching

Hi, great web site. Over the past few months Ive been having muscle fasciculations throughout my body. Its kinda like a lightening storm at times. Ive been to a neurologist who thought that maybe I was having early stages of AIDS muscle wasting. ...
John A. Bartlett, M.D.

Response from John A. Bartlett, M.D.

Duke University Medical Center
Thank you for your eloquent description of your problem. I am not aware that muscle fasciculations have been commonly reported as a complication of antiretroviral therapy. The evaluation which you have received, including the EMG/NCV study, sounds... Read more »

Muscle twitching & DNA PCR test

I was tested out to be negative in DNA-PCR test after 40 days of probable HIV exposure. I had also done ELISA test after 3 months which was also negative. But recently I am experiencing severe muscle twitches, muscle pain all over body at different...
Ewald Horwath, M.D.

Response from Ewald Horwath, M.D.

University of Miami School of Medicine
If you had a negative ELISA after 3 months, then you do not have HIV infection. The symptoms you are experiencing are not due to HIV.Even if you had HIV infection, neurologic symptoms generally don't occur until years of HIV infection have passed. Read more »
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Cytomegalovirus (CMV)

...common illness caused by CMV is retinitis. This is the death of cells in the retinas, the back of the eye. It can quickly cause blindness unless treated. CMV can spread throughout the body and infect several organs at once. The risk of CMV is... Read more »
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How HIV Drugs Get Approved

...participants and their health care providers usually do not know who is getting the study drug or the placebo. This is called a blinded study. Studies are blinded so that the health care providers will be totally objective when they evaluate... Read more »
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...ingestion on human immunodeficiency virus-related diarrhea in a sample of predominantly gay men: A randomized, controlled, double-blind, crossover trial. Arch Intern Med . 2006;166:1178-1183. Bushen OY, Davenport JA, Lima AB, Piscitelli SC,... Read more »
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Diabetes and HIV/AIDS

...percent of people with diabetes die from heart disease or stroke. Some of the other possible complications of diabetes are: Blindness Kidney failure Blood vessel disease that requires an amputation Nerve damage (neuropathy) How Are... Read more »
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