Can An Hiv Positive Woman Get Pregnant

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is he infected?

my husband had an affair with an hiv positive woman and made her pregnant, we were having intercourse without protection because i did not know or suspect anything until that woman came to me and told me that she was hiv+. I went for hiv tests in...
Ewald Horwath, M.D.

Response from Ewald Horwath, M.D.

University of Miami School of Medicine
...It is possible that your husband may have HIV infection. He should be tested. Your test was negative 4 months after the affair ended. This should be reassuring if in fact Read more »

HIV (Pregnant Woman)

Dear Doctor,My girlfriend is pregnant past 8 months.We did test for HIV in a well reputated... Read more »


My questions are: Is it advisable for couple on medication with cd4 above 150 to have unprotected... Read more »
Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project

Bail Granted for Pregnant HIV-Positive Woman Originally Sentenced to Give Birth in Prison

... Dear Project UNSHACKLE friends, Many of you have been following the case of Ms. T, a 28 year-old HIV-positive pregnantwoman from Cameroon who was recently sentenced to 238 days in prison by a judge trying to protect her unborn child... Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Guardian Examines Rise of Pregnancies Among HIV-Positive Women in Malawi

... London's Guardian on Saturday profiled Grace Mathanga, an HIV-positive pregnantwoman living in Malawi whom the newspaper first profiled five years ago. According to the Guardian , an increasing number of Read more »
The Body

HIV & Me: A Woman's Guide to Living With HIV: Pregnancy and HIV

...fear and not knowing, because I didn't know whether my son would be positive or not. At first, I was very uneducated about HIVand pregnancy, because I never intended on getting pregnant ... I cried every day, and prayed every day." -- Jessica... Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Antibody That Helps Protect Women Against Pregnancy-Associated Malaria Not Present in HIV-Positive Women, Study Says

... An antibody to pregnancy-associated malaria that is present in some women who have been pregnant more than once is not present in HIV-positive women, according to a study published in the May issue of PLoS Medicine , ANI/ Read more »
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HIV (Pregnant Woman)

Posted by Vinay007, 1 Reply
...Hi All ! My girlfriend is pregnant past 8 months.We did test for HIV in a well reputated hospital in August and fairly it was negative.But after having test she Read more »

where to find a hiv specialist for pregnant women in Atlanta area

Posted by nandi26, 1 Reply
...Im looking for phone numbers of doctors or institutions in the Atlanta area that treat pregnanthivwomen. thank you. Read more »

Scared i will never have babies.

Posted by Benders, 3 Replies
I'm really scared i won't have babies. I mean i know i can't concieve the natural way and i can get over that but what about the expense that goes along with the other way, i know i'm never gonna be rich and babies cost alot to say the least, i... Read more »

Do they screen pregnant woman for hiv

Posted by Anonymous, 7 Replies
...Hello, i don't know what to do . My ex husband has hiv and got his girlfriend pregnant. He told me he was being careful and I just tried to stay out of their lives. Well, now she is pregnant and DOES NOT know his Read more »