Can A Woman Give Hiv To A Man How Likely Is It

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Women and HIV/AIDS

...America.While there were a handful of women among the first cases, AIDS was thought toprimarily affect gay men. However, as the years passed, women have emerged asanother group hard hit by the AIDS epidemic. Even though more men than womenstill have HIV in the US, women are catching up. In some countries, HIV+ womenoutnumber HIV+ men. The proportion of HIV/AIDS cases among women has more than tripled from 8percent in 1985 to an alarming 27...
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HIV (Pregnant Woman)

Dear Doctor,My girlfriend is pregnant past 8 months.We did test for HIV in a well reputated hospital in August and fairly it was negative.But after having test she went to her mother house.There she went to a district hospital as a place is not well...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...old heterosexual male. About 5 weeks ago I experienced a burring sensation in my urine after having non protective sex with a woman who now I am dating. I went to a walk in clinic and they prescribed me bacterium. After 1 week of that not working... Read more »

Is anal sex ok with a woman that has HIV/AIDS

I am interested in a woman who has HIV/AIDS. She wants to have anal sex not vaginal sex and that is fine with me. Her disease is not active or full blown. Is it all right to have anal sex with her if we take it slow and easy and use lots of K-Y...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...Hello, Let me clarify a few points for you:1.There is no such thing as an HIV infection that is "not active."2.We don't use the term "full blown AIDS," because there is no such thing as "partially blown Read more »

hiv- woman & hiv+ man want to have a baby

Hello. I am an hiv neg woman wishing to have a baby with my hiv+ husband. I read your answer to 'Hiv+man, HIV- woman, IVF' and I found out that my egg could be harvested, fertilized and returned in me. I understand it is not completely risk free,...
Brooks Jackson, M.D.

Response from Brooks Jackson, M.D.

Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine In Vitro Fertilization program run by Dr. Jairo Garcia. I know that the program has not performed such a procedure for an HIV discordant couple, but he is willing to consider it. Obviously such a procedure would require your informed consent... Read more »

RE HIV negative woman with positive man - how do I cope?

Dear Dr. Shernoff:I am the person who wrote that memo last week. Thank you for your kind reply - it really meant a lot to me. I have spoken to my partner about my feelings and, although I had spoken to him about this before, your words gave me the...
Michael Shernoff, M.S.W.

Response from Michael Shernoff, M.S.W.

Psychotherapist and Author
...a couples group at GMHC with my partner that was originally just gay men. Eventually it included a lesbian couple were one woman had AIDS and one heterosexual couple where the woman had AIDS. We all learned a great deal about the dynamics of... Read more »
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HIV & Me: A Woman's Guide to Living With HIV: HIV in Women and Men: What's the Difference? However, there are differences between men and women when it comes to living with HIV -- in fact, living with HIV as a woman can often be more complicated than it is for a man. CHILDREN More than half of HIV-positive women have children.... Read more »
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This Month in HIV: State-of-the-Art: Women and HIV/AIDS

...would be the first thing on it? Dr. Mardge Cohen: It's very hard to figure out a list of what is useful to get across to a woman during her first visit to a health care provider. I think what women are most worried about is: How long am I... Read more »
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Former Pop Star Sherri Lewis Talks About Living With HIV - HIV/AIDS Resource Center for Women

...perfectly healthy, and I wanted to get a clean bill of health. The AIDS test had just come out. It was brand new. I knew one woman who died of AIDS, but they said she had cancer. Anyway, it scared me enough that I asked to get an AIDS test three... Read more »
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First Person: An Interview With Shelley Singer

...that's what this is." I was floored. He said, "Have you ever had an HIV test?" I said, "No, of course not. I'm married. I'm a woman. Why would I? You know, come on." What city was this? This was here in L.A. L.A. was the place where HIV... Read more »