Can A Person With Hiv Ever Get Married

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Should HIV + person get married?

My brother is posative for last 9years now. Now he wants to get married to a girl who knows his status. My fear is that in a relationship like marrige, where it is possible that in long run complicency may creep in and one may not take adequate...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...Hello,Whether or not someone is married doesn't affect complacency or adherence to safer sexual techniques.I'm HIV positive and I would marry my partner of the past 13 years, Steve (Dr. Steve, the expert in The Body's Tratamientos Forum) in Read more »

Insecurity...need your blessings (Dr Bob Please help me. I am GETTING MARRIED.....part2)

Hello Dr Bob,I,m the guy who had the "Bachelor's Vacation with a lot of nookie. I guess i just... Read more »

Dr Bob Please help me. I am GETTING MARRIED.....

Dear Dr Bob,First off, thank you for all th great advices you have tremendously given out with a... Read more »
The Body

What Is HIV?

...attention to HIV in the early 1980s, when gay men in New York City and San Francisco began to die of a mysterious illness. The term "AIDS" -- which is what doctors call it when HIV disease becomes advanced -- wasn't coined until 1982, and the... Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

New Sex Law to Curb HIV/AIDS, Marital Rape in Zimbabwe

...Zimbabwe has passed a new law that criminalizes the deliberate transmission of HIV, recognizes rape in marriages and imposes heavy penalties for a host of sexual offenses. The Sexual Offenses Act, which also Read more »
The Well Project

Myths About HIV

...fear, in denial, and even in damage to your health. Myths About HIV and HIV Treatment The myth: "HIV doesn't cause AIDS." The reality: If you don't have HIV, you don't get AIDS. If you have AIDS, you have HIV. Over 20 years of solid... Read more »
The Well Project

Domestic Violence and HIV

... Table of Contents What Is Domestic Violence? Women, HIV and Domestic Violence Disclosing Safely Minimizing Risk Leaving a Violent Relationship Domestic violence can happen Read more »
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HELP ME PLEASE how do i tell her i'm HIV+ ?

Posted by condel58, 3 Replies
PLease..any life experiences or advice will be greatly appreciated. i recently met a woman and intamcy looms..i am healthy..cd4 600+ indectable VL. how do i tell her? what do i tell her? hwl Read more »

I forgot that i was HIV Positive

Posted by Barbdoll, 6 Replies
...and focus on me. Way too much to ask i suppose. I forgot that i was HIV Positive, so much so that i wanted to find a man and get married. I wanted to have another baby, I wanted to have sex without a condom, hell i wanted to eat anything, I also... Read more »

Just married, could this be HIV?

Posted by peezy, 3 Replies again that he did not think I have HIV, and actually prescibed XANAX to ease my anxiety over the matter, and anxiety over getting married and thinking I'm ill (which happened a week after my appointment). Once I started to take the XANAX, I... Read more »

Future Relationships

Posted by Anonymous, 12 Replies
...As a hetero man I always dreamed of getting married and having a family. Is it now best to ignore that dream and spend my time and focus in other areas? Who in the world would Read more »
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