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Can A Person With Hiv Apply For Ssi

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Hiv and SSI

Posted by Mssimone, 4 Replies
Found out I was HIV pos November 8th 2006 now Im 5 months pregnant.
The doctor determain I got infected around June of 06.
My ex boyfriend Of a year was the only person I was seeing, I left him because he was very abusive towards me.
Im getting... Read more »

you were right!!!....about SSI/SSDI

Posted by soimnotalone, 1 Reply
Last year I posted with tears the fact that I may not be eligible for SSI/SSDI because I was gaining weight and feeling better according to the case worker and that I may not qualify...this was b4 the final determination. Days later I called back... Read more »

ssi hearing

Posted by alivehoping, 1 Reply
finally a word from ssa,my case will be heard in front of an alj sometime this summer,hopefully i get,side effects,cronic hep c,tore knee ligament,back problems,neuropath problems,stress,all this has got to do something,and with viral... Read more »

HIV Poz Dating | HIV personals | HIV Support Forum

Posted by pozsingle, 1 Reply is an exclusive H community for people to find other Positive Singles for dating and support. Here you can get on with your life, Dating with HIV, make friends, find love, hope, understanding, information and even more. If you... Read more »

Gay Personals for HIV+'s

Posted by Anonymous
Hey People,

I am 38 years old black male HIV/Aids diagnosis since 1-26-99. I am very lonely. Looking for some personal ads or chat lines on the net that are HIV pos friendly where I could possible meet someone with my status for a serious... Read more »
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I was denied SSI.In order to receive you must be uneployed.But then later can go back,and still receive SSI.Other non-hiv persons get assistance right away for just depression/anxiety.Why?They want us on our death bed, before we can be stress...
Lynn L. Franzoi

Response from Lynn L. Franzoi

Worldwide Benefits for Fox, Inc.
I am sorry that you were denied Social Security benefits. However, this is common regardless of the nature of one's disability. It is common to denied the first time you apply. I encourage you to appeal the denial and apply again.... Read more »


Hi just wanted to know by me being hiv positive am i able to get social security. A few of my friends are getting it and wasnt to sure if i could....
Lynn L. Franzoi

Response from Lynn L. Franzoi

Worldwide Benefits for Fox, Inc.
You have to be disabled to qualify for SSDI.... Read more »

Physcians paid to decline clients from SSI

There seems to be an unspoken agreement between the "medical community " and the government/ private insurance to prevent HIV/AIDS clients from receiving disability benefits. Some don't realize that physcians are paid by the...
Jacques Chambers, C.L.U.

Response from Jacques Chambers, C.L.U.
I have no idea what physicians are paid, and, personally, I don't believe they are paid to deny people. Social Security (SSA) does not ask a treating physician if his/her patient is disabled or not. In fact, if a doctor says the patient is... Read more »

hiv and ssi medicare

my question is i have been hiv for about 4-5 yrs. my counts at start were cd4 around 350 and vl. was 75000+ now about 6 months ago was undectable and cd4 about 900 last check about a month ago was undectable and cd4 was 627 my question is i was...
Nancy Breuer

Response from Nancy Breuer

WorkPositive, Inc.
I encourage you to take this question to a benefits specialist, since they specialize in navigating SSI disability. We can suggest two, both available online: Read more »
Body Positive

New York City's Division of AIDS Services, Public Assistance, SSI, SSD, and You

There are benefits and services which can help you if you are HIV-positive. Public Assistance (Welfare), the Division of AIDS Services (DAS), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and Social Security Disability (SSD) are four of the government benefit... Read more »
U.S. Social Security Administration

You May Be Able to Get Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

What is SSI? How much can you get? How do you qualify for SSI? How do you apply for SSI? Contacting Social Security What is SSI? SSI, or Supplemental Security Income, is a federal program that provides monthly payments to people who... Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Estimating Sexual Transmission of HIV From Persons Aware and Unaware That They Are Infected With the Virus in the USA

New HIV infections stem from both people who are aware they are HIV-positive (about 75 percent of infected persons in the United States) and HIV-positive people who are unaware they carry the virus (about 25 percent of infected persons in the United... Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Risk-Based Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Testing Fails to Detect the Majority of HIV-Infected Persons in Medical Care Settings

In order to assess opportunities for early HIV diagnosis in a comprehensive public health care system, the researchers undertook a retrospective review of patients newly diagnosed with HIV from September 2001 to December 2003. Of 348 patients newly... Read more »