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I am looking for an HIV Specialist in Port Elizabeth. My current doctor doesnt seem to know enough about treating it.
Benjamin Young, M.D., Ph.D.

Response from Benjamin Young, M.D., Ph.D.

Rocky Mountain CARES
...for your post from RSA,I don't have any personal connections in Port Elizabeth, but would encourage you to contact your local AIDS Service Organization (sometimes can be of help). Do any of our readers have a recommendation?Be... Read more »

hiv + doctor

Hi doctor, this is may be the third time i ask you this question. I am a medical doctor a foriegn... Read more »

looking for a hiv doctor

i'm looking for a hiv doctor in queens ny by woodhaven area. Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Florida: AIDS Service Network Drops HIV Doctor

...The Health Planning Council of Northeast Florida (HPCNF) has notified patients of the Daytona Beach area's only certified HIVdoctor that they will have to get another physician by April 1 in order for their care to continue being supported by... Read more »
The Body

Six Tips for Choosing Your HIV Doctor

... "Doctordoctor, give me the news I got a bad case of loving you..." Robert Palmer I had to say goodbye to my doctor recently. I was Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Going Beyond HIV: Doctors Urged to Fight Patients' Other Illnesses Too presented at the recent 18th International AIDS Conference in Vienna. "We just want to make sure that both patients and doctors treating people with HIV don't just focus on the T-cells," said Renslow Sherer, a professor of medicine at the... Read more »

Seeing an HIV Doctor

...the presence of glucose, protein, blood, or any signs of infection in a patient's urine. I am HIV positive. What kind of doctor do I need? Your doctor (or other health care provider) should be experienced in treating HIV and AIDS. You may... Read more »
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HIV Doctors in Akron Ohio

Posted by Bulldog, 2 Replies
...1 care center which seems to be run by a woman with a sever problem with the God Complex! I have dealt with many offices and doctors in my 20 yrs of being pos. For some reason in Akron the few HIV specialist whom are able to be seen, all clients... Read more »

HIV Positive Doctors and Medical Students

Posted by JumptheHorizon, 4 Replies
...was about one month after I think I could have been infected, but my lymphocytes were down). Anyway, what is the story for Doctors who are HIV positive? I saw a news article in the newspaper which said that recent patients of a HIV positive... Read more »

Dallas area HIV doctors

Posted by Hal64, 1 Reply
...I am interested in a good HIVdoctor in the Dallas area. Thanks. Read more »

Should I report this HIV doctor?

Posted by BrokenWingedBird, 6 Replies
...Hi. It's six days since I had a bad experience with an HIVdoctor. The anger in me has subsided. However, I was so enraged by this doctor at the time that the next day I got in touch with the Read more »
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