Are Nail Salons A Low Risk For Hepatitis

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HCV and Hep B Risk - Nail Cutters (freaking out)

Hi I wanted to know the risk of using nail cutters of someone who is hep b and hep c positive?
Barbara McGovern, M.D.

Response from Barbara McGovern, M.D.

Tufts University School of Medicine
...Since Hepatitis B and C are transmitted by blood to blood exposure, and since the risk of blood letting with nail cutters to both of you would be extremely unlikely, the risk is basically nil. Read more »

A brush with Hep C?!!

Hi there, I live with my aunty and she has hepatitis C. I accidently used her nail brush which I... Read more »

nail salon

Nancy,I work in a local nail salon where we get tremendous amounts of people coming in. What are... Read more »
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Newly Diagnosed With Hepatitis C

...weeks, and is infectious even after blood has dried. Can I pass on hepatits C through sex? HIV, hepatitis C and sex . The risk of sexual transmission is generally very low for heterosexuals. However, a recent increase in sexual transmission... Read more »
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Hepatitis C Transmission

...clean needles and your ownworks each time you inject stops both HIV and HCVtransmission (and reinfection). It also reduces the risk of other infections. Hepatitis C and other (non-injecting) drug use "I also worry about sharing a rolled up... Read more »
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Hepatitis: Overview

... What Is Hepatitis? Viral Hepatitis Other Types of Hepatitis Medication Problems Alternative Approaches What Is Hepatitis? HepatitisRead more »
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Hepatitis C and HIV

...sexual partners. Some people get infected in medical settings, through accidental needle sticks or unsterilized equipment. The risk of infection from blood transfusions and blood products in the US is virtually zero. Hep C spreads more easily... Read more »