What If I Do Crystal Meth Before Getting Blood Tested

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few day before i take the hiv blood test i used to take drug (crystalmave)

Hi Dr,I have a question that keep turning on my mind, that is i am a occasionally drug taker previously.and i use to take hiv blood test, which few days b4 the blood test i did take some drug ( crystal.m), and the result is negative. the quetion i...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...Hi WW,Crystal meth will not affect the results of your HIV-antibody test; however, it will undoubtedly ruin your health, happiness and life.Dr. Read more »

What does LOW RISK mean to you and what ELISA trying to tell me?....tail between legs

First of all I, I owe you an apology... I feel that I did not explain myself correctly and some of... Read more »


A family member had HIV and STD tests done at local clinic. All the results for STDs were negative.... Read more »
The Well Project

Understanding HIV-Related Lab Tests I: Complete Blood Count and Blood Chemistry

... Lab Tests Are Important Tools The Basics Complete Blood Count (CBC) Blood Chemistry (Chemistry or Chem Screens) The Bottom Line Lab Tests Are Important Tools Having regular Read more »
San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions About Crystal Methamphetamine

...methamphetamine? How is methamphetamine produced? What can one expect when coming down or withdrawing from meth? Does crystal meth cause better sex? Why is there an association between crystal and viruses like HIV and... Read more »
AIDS InfoNet

Blood Sugar and Fats

...Antiretroviral Medications (ARVs)? Standard blood tests measure blood sugar (glucose) but not blood fats. People with HIV are testing their blood sugar and blood fat levels more frequently because antiretroviral medications seem to cause... Read more »
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Complete Blood Count (CBC)

... The Complete Blood Count (CBC) Red Blood Cell Tests White Blood Cell Tests The Complete Blood Count (CBC) The most common laboratory test Read more »
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Tested Positive Dec.30, 2009

Posted by Courtkidx, 1 Reply
...2009. Its been alot to digest. Considering how I was living my life for the year prior, its not a surprise. I am a 30yo gay crystal meth addict, who is now in recovery, or atleast sober. Anyway, I am hoping to talk to other people who have a... Read more »


Posted by bostontexguy, 4 Replies
...if not all of your posts on this site and you are direct, honest, and don't hold back. I did something stupid and am getting tested later today. I've been counting the days and it's 6 weeks from the encounter. I felt extremely sorry for myself... Read more »

Emotionally going crazy

Posted by willing2know, 2 Replies
...was definitely infected by several STDs. Luckily when we got back into it we were safe however I knew he still needed to be tested. I was really concerned for his health and feared HIV would be in him. He was so scared to tell me what had... Read more »

Getting past crystal meth use

Posted by chadlee, 7 Replies
...Hey there-I have been positive for a little over 4 years and most of that time I have been very addicted to crystal meth. I was using 24/7 for probably 3 years and about a year ago I tried to quit cold turkey with no help at all. I have only Read more »