Rash On Thighs, Buttocks And Pubic Area

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Side Effects of HIV Drugs

...drugs. While HIV-positive men and women both experience body shape changes, women are more likely to experience fat gain in the breasts, stomach, and upper bodies, while men are more likely to see fat loss in their legs, arms, buttocks, or faces. Some of the symptoms of lipodystrophy have been linked with heart disease and strokes, so make sure to go to your doctor regularly and have your cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure ...
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Treatment options for replacing fat in the legs / buttocks?

I have mild lipodystrophy right now, but am not currently on any meds. I would like to get some filler treatment before I have to go on meds so that I can sort of head off the problem before it happens.I know of the treatment for the face with...
Gerald Pierone, M.D.

Response from Gerald Pierone, M.D.

AIDS Research and Treatment Center of the Treasure Coast
...Unfortunately, there are no legitimate treatment options for leg and buttock lipoatrophy in the United States. PMMA is probably the best agent for treatment of body lipoatrophy and many people travel to Read more »

legs, thigh and butt wasting from meds?

I was diagnosed in 1997. I was on a different Medication until 2004 they switched me to Trizivir and viramune 200 mg 1 tablet twice a day. I have lost alot of muscle in legs thighs and butt to the point that I only wear pants all the time. Do I need...
Gerald Pierone, M.D.

Response from Gerald Pierone, M.D.

AIDS Research and Treatment Center of the Treasure Coast
Hello and thanks for posting. The use of Trizivir and Viramune is probably overkill unless you have virus with some drug resistance. There are no studies that demonstrate the superiority of 4 drug regimens over 3 drug regimens. The extra AZT is... Read more »

Confusing information on this site, please help....

Dear Carol,I hope I'm able to write a clear letter so you will answer my questions. Here goes. A little more than four years ago I had unprotected sex with a woman who is technically a sex worker (stripper). Within a couple of weeks of the incident...
Carol Salisbury, APRN-BC, MSN

Response from Carol Salisbury, APRN-BC, MSN

Michigan State University College of Nursing
Dear RCD,There are numerous sexually transmitted diseases besides HIV. I am unsure as to what STDs you have been tested for. Your labs regarding your CD4 and CD8 counts are within normal limits. The numbers vary according to the time of day and... Read more »

I need your expertise.

Hey Doc Bob,Donation on way, but question. I asked the folks over on medhelp.org and they have recommended me not even get a test. But you seem to be far more knowledgable and I wanted your 2nd opinion. I wanted to know what you thought about my...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
This forum is dedicated to HIV-positive folks, particularly those who have concerns related to fatigue and/or anemia. Questions related to HIV transmission, prevention, safer sex, HIV testing and risk should be sent to Dr. Bob at his "Safe Sex and... Read more »
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...other HIV regimens. The zidovudine/AZT in Trizivir is associated with lipoatrophy (fat loss from the arms, legs, face, and/or buttocks -- sometimes called "AZT butt"). The lipoatrophy could be irreversible or take a long time to rebuild. The HLA... Read more »
Test Positive Aware Network


...backbone of many successful regimens, the crippling neuropathy, followed by lipoatrophy (fat loss -- especially in the face and buttocks) have knocked this drug off the preferred list for good reasons. It is truly shameful that this drug... Read more »
Test Positive Aware Network


...swelling, redness, pain or tenderness, hardened skin or bumps. Bumps termed "nodules" seem to occur more frequently and severely in areas of high muscle mass (most notably the center of the stomach -- the abs -- and the legs). They will hurt with... Read more »
AIDS InfoNet

DNCB (Dinitrochlorobenzene)

...liquid solution in four strengths: 10%, 2%, 0.2%, and 0.02%. The solution was applied on the skin once a week to a 2-inch square area. Then the area was bandaged and kept dry for 10 hours. After the first skin response (a red, itchy rash), the... Read more »
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Widespread Atripla/truvada+sustiva Rash

Posted by younguk, 1 Reply
...and have been for 2 weeks. 8 days in I developed a rash which has become progressively worse. It covers most of the surface area of my inner thighs and upper back and is also present in significant amounts everywhere on my body apart from my... Read more »

shaved pubic area

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
...i read that porn star marc wallice who got aids said he must have got it from one of the porn stars via his shaved pubicarea is it possible ? Read more »

Rashes, rashes and more rashes...

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
...OK...what does the rash associated with ARS appear as? Like an allergic reaction type rash or something real severe, and spread out over the body... Read more »


Posted by Hal64, 2 Replies
...be tested again. My chief concern now is the rash that I first noticed on Day 22. It is along the scrotum side of the scrotum/thigh crease and resembled a 4-inch red scar. It is now pale pink and fading. The rash didn't cause discomfort, and... Read more »
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