RNA PCR Testing After Three Months

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please dr Bob.make me feel better

Dear Dr Bob,Since I realize that all my last messages didnt have an answer because you re so busy,now I really need your help. 3 months ago I had protected sex with a girl on her period but the condom broke..panic stress etc etc. I called my doctor...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...Hello Paul,Your negative ELISA and RNAPCR tests at three months after your broken-condom sexperience are definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem. No way. No Read more »

testing for PCR R.N.A at 4.5 month

Hi doc.My three Elisa antibody test are negative after 5 10 and 15 weeks.Now i am again going for a... Read more »
San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Viral Load Testing

...the branched-chain DNA test ( bDNA ), is made by a company called Chiron (pronounced "KAI-ron"). The reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction or RT-PCR (commonly called the PCR ) test is made by Roche (pronounced "RO-sh").... Read more »
New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute

Diagnostic, Monitoring and Resistance Laboratory Tests for HIV

...Assays 2. HIV-1 Confirmatory Antibody Assays 3. HIV-2 Antibody Screening B. Viral Identification Assays 1. DNA Polymerase Chain Reaction (DNA-PCR) 2. Plasma HIV RNA Assays III. Monitoring Tests A. Lymphocyte Analysis ... Read more »
San Francisco AIDS Foundation

HIV Testing

...AIDS Hotlines. Some individuals, perhaps wanting results without waiting for the window period, may be curious about a PCR or other types of viral load (RNA) testing (testing directly for the virus itself). Viral load testing is generally... Read more »
Test Positive Aware Network

HIV and Your Immune System

...germs that are composed of genetic material bearing the code for their replication in the form of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) or ribonucleic acid (RNA), along with a number of critical viral proteins, generally surrounded by a protective... Read more »
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Testing , Testing, 123

Posted by Anonymous
...Has anyone ever tested negaitve rnapcr after three months of exposure,during symptoms, but was actually positive?? Read more »

The RNA test.

Posted by TrueOptimist, 1 Reply
...I have took the I believe it is called an "RNA" test because no antibodies have been found in my body so this test will look for the virus itself in my blood.I just want to Read more »


Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
...How good is a pcrrna test taken after three months of exposue and taken during symptoms and the test was negative?? Read more »

Sore Throat and Mouth Sores the Recur

Posted by Anonymous, 3 Replies
...since then I just haven't felt right. Lots of strange symptoms. So I test for HIV once a month up until 9 months and had a RNA-PCR test done at 3 months. Also at three months I got tested for all other STD's Negative. Should I move on from... Read more »
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