Non Medical Treatments For HIV/AIDS

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Does Aciclovir cause drug resistance to A-tripla medication taken for HIV treatment?

I took 5 tablets of Aciclovir for 5 days and since then have no outbreak of herpes in my genitals. Does it means it is cured or do i still have herpes?
Benjamin Young, M.D., Ph.D.

Response from Benjamin Young, M.D., Ph.D.

Rocky Mountain CARES
Hello and thanks for your post.Since acyclovir has no activity against HIV, there's no reason why taking acyclovir would have any effect on the development of HIV drug resistance (including, but not limited to the medications in... Read more »
AIDS Project Los Angeles

Medications Used in the Treatment of HIV

...Always remind your doctor of other drugs you are taking. Many of these drugs interact with other medications as well as non-medical ingested substances (e.g., garlic supplements, St. John's wort may lower levels of PIs). Information... Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

First Medical Prison in Malaysia Planned, Will Provide Treatment for HIV-Positive Inmates

... A Malaysian prison -- the Alor Star -- will be turned into the first medical prison in the country, Bernama Daily Malaysian News reports. The new facility will provide treatment for inmates with "critical Read more »
The Well Project

Considering HIV Treatment

...point, you are at risk of getting AIDS-related opportunistic infections (OIs) that can cause serious illness or death. HIV Treatments Scientists have developed drugs that block HIV from reproducing (multiplying). These drugs are grouped... Read more »
The Body

HIV Treatment 101

... Forget what you've heard about treatment for HIV. HIV treatment in 2009 is a world away from what it was even two years ago. Important new medications and older, proven medications Read more »
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4th Year Medical Student Seeking Advice

Posted by k84, 5 Replies
...Hi everyone, I am a senior medical student hoping to go into infectious disease/HIV treatment. I am working on a small project for a class on cultural awareness in medicine and would love to hear any opinions or advice Read more »

HIV meds and SMOKING

Posted by Survivor, 1 Reply
...of SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn. But women who were smoking tended to have a less favorable result from being on HIV treatment. The new findings, involving 924 women enrolled in the ongoing Womens Interagency HIV Study (WIHS),... Read more »


Posted by Survivor, 1 Reply, but in Ukraine, the scale-up of antiretroviral medications has been painfully slow. There are only 2,000 patients on HIV treatment in the country, even though as many as 200,000 citizens are living with HIV. This access gap extends far... Read more »

HIV in prisons

Posted by curious_about, 3 Replies
I am interested in HIV healthcare in prisons. I honestly don't know much about what goes on inside, what the difficulties are. I've been thinking about it because I work at a place that provides HIV healthcare and there has been talk about... Read more »