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NNRTI Dosing

Here's a taste of what has to offer on this topic:
HIV i-Base

FDA Approve New NNRTI-Based Fixed-Dose Combination of Rilpivirine/Tenofovir/FTC (Complera) in the U.S.

On 10 August 2011, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a fixed-dose combination of rilpivirine/tenofovir/FTC (Complera) with an indication in treatment-naive adults. This is a single-tablet once-daily combination. Approval was based on... Read more »
Project Inform

RDEA Study Supports Further Development of New NNRTI

A study presented at the joint 2008 ICAAC/IDSA in Washington, DC supports the further development for RDEA806, an experimental NNRTI from Ardea Biosciences. Results from a phase 2a, 8-day monotherapy dose finding study were presented. Several doses,... Read more »

An Alternative NNRTI, TMC278, Progresses in Development

Listen to Dr. Pozniak's study summary (1.2MB MP3, 3 min.) View study slides Multiple comparative clinical trials demonstrate that efavirenz (EFV, Sustiva, Stocrin) plus two nucleoside/nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs), such as... Read more »
Ask the Experts

protecting the nnrti's

If the nnrti's are so important and cross resistance a big problem, can't we use a second nnrti to protect the first.Would using two nrti's and two nnrti's together be any good.Also if the four drug regimen were too toxic could...
Benjamin Young, M.D., Ph.D.

Response from Benjamin Young, M.D., Ph.D.

Rocky Mountain CARES
This is a great and well formulated question.Turns out that the mechanism of action of the NNRTIs makes it unlikely that two will work better than one, since the two drugs would compete for the same binding site in the viral reverse... Read more »

NNRTI & Lipitor

What is your feeling about Lipitor to lower cholesterol in patients on nnrti regimens? I've been on Sustiva/Truvada for 14 weeks with great results but have been battling high cholesterol for about 10 years, HDL high, LDL low, well controlled...
Keith Henry, M.D.

Response from Keith Henry, M.D.

University of Minnesota, School of Medicine
The effectiveness of the Lipitor may be diminished by the effect of Sustiva on liver enzymes. The drugs can be used together but sometimes the dose of the Lipitor may need to be increased. The ACTG is starting a study using ezetimide along with a... Read more »

Part 2 - Is NNRTI class a MUST?

Thanks Dr. Wohl,I'm currently taking 1)Sustiva 300mg twice daily 2)Kivexa once daily 3)Kaletra "tablets" (no fridge) 2 Bid and I WANT to drop 1)Sustiva (due to an episode of "almost hurt someone")....and keeping only Kivexa...
David Wohl, M.D.

Response from David Wohl, M.D.

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
I think you can drop the Sustiva IF it is likely your virus is not resistant to the abacavir in Kivexa (also called Epzicom) or the Kaletra. Note, if you drop the Sustiva (after discussing this with your doctor), the dose of Kaletra will need to be... Read more »

change from P.I. to NNRTI

I changed from P.I.contained regiment to NNTRI combo 8 years ago and been working well until recently now my V.L. is 150 (used to be <50).My doctor adopted wait and see strategy. Is it really true that P.I. regiment will work for me as I never...
Keith Henry, M.D.

Response from Keith Henry, M.D.

University of Minnesota, School of Medicine
A one time viral load or intermittent viral load elevation from undetectable to 150 copies/ml is called a blip and often will resolve with the viral load returning to undetectable without any intervention other than making sure no doses of... Read more »
Connect With Others

P.I. versus NNRTI

Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
I am hearing a lot of good things about the Truvada + Reyataz + Norvir combo.
I am just about to commence my first line regimen, and wanted to enquire as to what anybody else thought of this combo?
I am starting therapy with a relatively high viral... Read more »


Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
Hello All !! I want to tell everyone that I started taking half of the prescribed doses of my meds about 2 years ago. My T cells remain High (570) and my V load is still undetectable..
I am on viramune,ziagen and zerit. I had an uncle who died... Read more »

dosing schedule adjustment

Posted by pozartistsd, 1 Reply
hey all you experts out there! I think i may know the answer to this but would like to get some input:

I currently take my meds (Reyataz/Truvada/Norvir) once a day. I take them at 9am (with breakfast, not that you need to know that ) I would like... Read more »

Low-Dose Naltrexone

Posted by renevatio, 1 Reply
Hello all-

I am newly diagnosed, and just getting into the process of researching all about HIV and potential alternative treatments. I am a voracious reader and spend a good bit of time each day reading papers and digging up info on my new internal... Read more »