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Understanding CD4 Cells and CD4 Cell Tests

The Basics CD4 Count and HIV CD4 Count and HIV Treatment CD4 Cell Test The Bottom Line The Basics Your immune system protects your body by fighting germs and infections.White blood cells are an important part of your immune system. HIV infects and destroys a type of white blood cell called aCD4 cell (sometimes called a T-cell). As the immune system loses CD4 cells, it becomes weaker and is less able tofight off germs. When it...
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Why are my t-cells progressively dropping while my viral load in undetectably?

I have been HIV positive for 20 years. I have been seeing an HIV specialist for the same amount of time. I have been taking opi-pack vitamins for years, excercise daily for two hours, a very good nutrition plan, have cycled on test-c and decca yet...
Nelson Vergel, B.S.Ch.E., M.B.A.

Response from Nelson Vergel, B.S.Ch.E., M.B.A.

Program for Wellness Restoration
Most importantly, has your percentage of CD4 cells dropped? If it is very difficult to determine why drops in CD4 cells like yours in people who remain virologically suppressed mean, or why these drops happen. Are your hormones within normal ranges... Read more »

T-cells dropped rapidly again.

Hi,I was diagnosed with HIV November 2002. I went on to meds immediately, the doctors here said my infecton was very new (which was proven later, I found how I contracted it). I came off of the Meds in August 2003. September, October and November...
Renslow Sherer, M.D.

Response from Renslow Sherer, M.D.

University of Chicago Hospitals
I don't have enough information to answer your question. In particular, I would need to know what your baseline viral load and D4 cell count were.I am not overly concerned by this story, however, and I think you are OK to await the next lab... Read more »

large drop in cd4

Hello,i have been positive since 2000. my cd4 count has ranged from 1300 - 1000 with vl totals under 2000. my last quarter's blood draw turned up a cd4 of 650 and viral load of 2200. i am scared to see such a large drop in my cd4. is this...
Mark Holodniy, M.D., F.A.C.P., C.I.C.

Response from Mark Holodniy, M.D., F.A.C.P., C.I.C.

Stanford University, School of Medicine
It would be important to know what the CD4 percentage was for all of these values. If the percentage remains the same (or within about 3%) then there is no cause for alarm. The first action is to repeat the numbers. Your numbers are still quite... Read more »

HIV % and drop in T-Cell

I have been HIV+ for about 12 years, and have been a long-term non-progresser. I have never been on meds. My t-cell normally runs from the high 500-900. And my viral load is under 1000. I get checked in 6 month intervals. My last blood work showed...
Mark Holodniy, M.D., F.A.C.P., C.I.C.

Response from Mark Holodniy, M.D., F.A.C.P., C.I.C.

Stanford University, School of Medicine
You don't indicate what the CD4 percent has been doing all along, and whether it has always been around 32% or it was lower. However, given the number of years you have been infected and the nonprogressor status, I would not be concerned about... Read more »
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"Daily Vit. Can Thwart AIDS Progress" - NY Times

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply

Here the mainstream proves itself wrong yet again, but ignores the obvious implications of its own research in the following article, "Daily Vitamin Can Thwart AIDS Progress" - NY Times, July 1, 2004.

If a vitamin can prevent illness, then what's... Read more »

How long before CD 4 drops

Posted by goloka, 2 Replies
If you are recently infected, how long before your CD 4 is droped and WBC and CD 8 is up and ratio is inverted ?

Ben Read more »

Alcohols effect on progression

Posted by Anonymous, 3 Replies
I am 27 and I was just diagnosed positive on March 4 of this year. I am trying to educate myself as much as possible and I have been reading a great deal about nutrition and it's effect on the progression of the disease. I, however, have not... Read more »

progression timeline?

Posted by suspicious, 1 Reply
my husband was diganosed and his cd4 count was 85, cannot remember the viral load. 3 years ago before we got married he said he was tested and it was negative, i did not actually see test results...& i know that was where i went wrong. he did... Read more »