High Fever And Dry Cough Ars

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high fever, rash, head hurts

been on same HIV drugs for 3 years, have very low engery, head hurts bad, have small blister rash all over my body. what could be happening?
Keith Henry, M.D.

Response from Keith Henry, M.D.

University of Minnesota, School of Medicine
You need an overall clinical assessment since many HIV and non-HIV conditions can be causing your symptoms (such as hormone problems, anemia, herpes or drug rashes). KH Read more »

useful tests? ARS after PEP possible?

Dear Dr. Frascino, i just wanted to inform you that my 5week post exposure test (Elisa and DUO)... Read more »

acute retroviral infection: low or high fever?

Please tell me whether a high fever of 101.6 can be a symptom of acute retroviral infection. I... Read more »
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Flu Season and Living With HIV

...children and adults rarely get more than a mild fever, if at all. Flu symptoms usually come on suddenly. They may include a high fever, body aches, extreme fatigue, headache, cough, sore throat and chills. Symptoms start to develop from one to... Read more »
AIDS InfoNet

Mycobacterium Avium Complex (MAC)

...never causes disease in people with more than 100 CD4 cells. How Do I Know if I Have MAC? The symptoms of MAC can include high fevers, chills, diarrhea, weight loss, stomach aches, fatigue, and anemia (low numbers of red blood cells). When... Read more »
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Caring for Your Gut: Dealing With Diarrhea, Nausea and Other Stomach Problems if You Have HIV/AIDS

...have three or more bowel movements each day. If your diarrhea lasts for more than a few days, contains blood, or if you have a high fever or stomach pain you should contact your health care provider. Your health care provider should: Test your... Read more »
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...weaker, lose a lot of weight, and are likely to get PCP again. The first signs of PCP are difficulty breathing, fever, and a dry cough. Anyone with these symptoms should see a health care provider immediately . However, everyone with CD4 counts... Read more »
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ARS or something different?

Posted by nickywick, 1 Reply
...other side. Also on the same side I had swollen nodes and my ear started to hurt and i developed a hoarse voice and a mild dry cough and had a day or two of diahrrea and white coated tongue (dry mouth). Over the next few weeks the throat pain... Read more »

ARS is more fever/swollen lymph than cough

Posted by Anonymous, 1 Reply
...On most web sites it seems ARS Symptoms are more fever/swollen lymph nodes achy body than coughing sore throat type of symptoms. Am I on the right track? Read more »

31 days test

Posted by Roper2008, 1 Reply
...Very Dry Sore Throat, Swollen glands in neck, Dry cough,Non itchy Rash on neck area, fatigue, aching body all over and a very high fever!!! this happened in the space of one week, not over several weeks!! So I went to get tested, it was at 32... Read more »


Posted by Anonymous, 2 Replies
...have been reading a lot about acute viral syndrome and I have a question which I hope some of you can answer. I developed a cough a while after a possible exposure that lasted for a week. IF I am infected, this probably means I have not... Read more »
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