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HIV transmission from massageThe Body: Rick Sowadsky M.S.P.H., C.D.S, Answers to Safe Sex Questions

Dear Rick, I was involved in a massage session two times which ended with the massuse's masturbating me with her hands. She used baby oil both times. I have done a lot of reading after this incident and have begun to feel sick for what I've done....
Rick Sowadsky, M.P.H.

Response from Rick Sowadsky, M.P.H.

Nevada State Health Division AIDS Program
...Hi. Thank you for your question.Let me review with you how HIV is, and is not, transmitted. If this womanwas just masturbating you, you would be at very low risk of infection. Sinceyou mentioned Read more »

Massage low risk?

HiSorry I know you will probably explode with frustration,recently I had a back massage at at a... Read more »

a close call in massage

Dr. Bob,I admire the fact that you still staying strong and saving all of us from worries despite... Read more »
AIDS InfoNet

Stopping the Spread of HIV

...mouth, vagina or rectum doesn't touch anyone else's penis, mouth, vagina, or rectum. Safe activities include kissing, erotic massage, masturbation or hand jobs (mutual masturbation). There are no documented cases of HIV transmission through wet... Read more »
The Well Project

Oral Sex: What's the Real Risk for HIV?

...increasesif you have bleeding gums, ulcers, cuts, sores, or infections in themouth. Find alternatives Try massage or mutual masturbation. Use a vibrator (use a condom when sharing). Avoid vigorous,... Read more »
The Well Project

Peripheral Neuropathy and HIV/AIDS

...narcotics may be considered. Other treatments can include: Topical lidocaine patch called Lidoderm Acupuncture, massage, yoga, hypnosis, and meditation A visit to the podiatrist to discuss how to care for your feet and whatshoes... Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

HIV Transmission

... How is HIV passed from one person to another? Which body fluids transmit HIV? How well does HIV survive outside the body? Can I Read more »