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Do some states require HIV Disclosure?

I am an HIV positive healthcare worker (registered nurse) in the state ofFlorida. At this time, I feel it is in my best interest to not disclose myHIV status. Are you aware of any laws that would require me to disclosethis information to my employer...
Nancy Breuer

Response from Nancy Breuer

WorkPositive, Inc.
...No state or federal law of which I am aware would require you to discloseyour HIV status to your employer. In health care or hospital settings, theclinic or hospital generally has its own policy about HIV+ employees Read more »

Laws of Disclosure (DISCLOSURE LAWS, 2010) (CRIMINALIZATION OF HIV 2010)

Hey Dr. Bob,It's great to see you've been doing this forum for all these years. Exactly how long... Read more »

HIV Disclosure (DISCLOSURE LAWS 2009)

Hey's me Alabama Gal.....hope you are doing well! I am adjusting to new meds-yuck.I just... Read more »
AIDS Project Los Angeles

Barebacking & HIV Disclosure: What's the Law?

...strongly advocated every position from "when you first meet" to "never." At the point when you decide to have sex, however, the disclosure question is no longer solely up to you and your conscience. At that point, your decisions may have legal... Read more »
Housing Works

Serving Double Time for HIV Non-Disclosure: Can It Happen in New York?

...criminalize HIV transmission but others, like New York, depend on other charges (such as reckless endangerment) to penalize non-disclosure. That ambiguity, said Scott Greenfield , a criminal defense lawyer based in New York, makes it nearly... Read more »
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Michigan: Release of Lansing Sex Sting Police Report Raises Concerns About Disclosure of HIV Status

...any sexual penetration, however slight. The accused is not charged of violating this law, or any other criminal law requiring disclosure of HIV status in public records. State law makes unauthorized disclosure of person's HIV status a crime. Such... Read more »
The Body PRO

Female Patients' Stigma, Disclosure Concerns Reduce Their Access to HIV and TB Care in Africa, Study Shows

...or maintenance. David Kaawa-Mafigiri, Ph.D., M.P.H. For this specific poster, we examined the social context of disclosure. We know that the ability to disclose enhances your care, your testing, your entry into care and your ability... Read more »
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HIV Disclosure

Posted by northof49th, 2 Replies
...I'm quite unsure about the effectiveness of disclosure laws. The link below sums up my thoughts far better then i could. I'd be happy to hear others thoughts more »


Posted by alivehoping, 4 Replies
how is it the name is going to be used to track health conditions in california?doesnt that violate hippa in some way?i know they only use numbers here in ny for the very issue of privacy.i feel if the names are connected to the heath records then... Read more »

HIV+ dislcosure and the law...!

Posted by lost2007
...specific statute exists, they are either living in delusion or not informed, in fact some states are so strict, the mere non disclosure is a felony, no actual infection need occur or be proven, and for those who think they can hide behind the... Read more »

OK.......The big question "disclosure"

Posted by cunta_stalwart, 3 Replies
...This must be one of the biggest things that effect HIV+ people when trying to live in society, it is the single thing that can cause almost total isolation depending on how you approach Read more »