AIDS Symptoms And Final Stages

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end stage hiv symptoms

Is it possible to progress to late stage hiv symptom stage within a yr of infection. ie: thrush, parathesia, sinus infections...
Benjamin Young, M.D., Ph.D.

Response from Benjamin Young, M.D., Ph.D.

Rocky Mountain CARES
...Hello and thanks for your post.Let's be clear here. Neither thrush nor sinusitis are end-stageHIV/AIDS symptoms. They can occur in persons who don't have HIV, persons with recent or late-stage HIV.That said, a small proportion Read more »

what is end stage hiv

last doctors visit, viral load is 150 cd4 is 170. I have full blown aids. My doctor say end stage.... Read more »

RN exposed to end-stage AIDS pt's blood, PLEASE ADVISE

Hello Dr. Frascino, I am an RN in an ED. 4 days ago, I was holding pressure on an end-stage AIDS... Read more »
San Francisco General Hospital

Management of Pain in End-Stage HIV Disease

...also taking pure agonists, and the unavailability of oral preparations. For the sustained pain from which many patients with end-stageAIDS suffer, it is most appropriate to use a sustained-release narcotic analgesic. The specific agent chosen... Read more »
AIDS/SIDA Mental Hygiene Project

Counseling End Stage Clients With AIDS home, in a hospice or hospital? Whom do you wish to be with you? Would you like to have a clergy person make a final visit? Is there anything you haven't said to your loved ones? Is there anything else you need to do or... Read more »
AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Governor "Terminator" Kills AIDS Program

...AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the US' largest AIDS organization as well as the operator of California's largest alternative HIV testing program, today condemned Governor Schwarzenegger's gutting of California's lifesaving HIV/AIDS programs as... Read more »
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

IAVI Signs 15-Year Lease With New York City for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Research Lab in Brooklyn Army Terminal

...The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative last week signed a 15-year lease with New York City for space in the Brooklyn Army Terminal, the New York Times reports. IAVI plans to build a laboratory for vaccine research and development in the... Read more »
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National HIV/AIDS Strategy for the U.S. (Finally!)

Posted by TheBody
...years into the epidemic, U.S. government officials have formally unveiled the country's first national strategy for fighting HIV/AIDS within its borders. The strategy aims to establish a coordinated, nationwide effort to reduce new HIV... Read more »

I love someone with AIDS

Posted by nurseraya
...fought as hard as it could. I expected him to die any day, but he prevailed. After several weeks and lots of extra care, he was finally ready to be discharged and go home. I loved him from the moment I met him. It didn't matter to me that... Read more »

First HIV+ Runner With Terminal Brain Cancer Has C

Posted by 1247
...finish the race. I felt like the hero of the day. Cheered on by the greatest sports enthusiasts from every walk of life, my final quarter-mile to the finish line was a blur between winning a gold medal and coming back from the dead to claim it. A... Read more »

Was terminated from Job/Reason?/because of HIV

Posted by MyDesire, 3 Replies
...detroit, in Michigan. I have been married to my husband for almost 18 years, we have two teenagers. My husband was diagnosed with HIV in June of 1989. My husband recieves social security disability, and I work, well, i had a job, up until a few... Read more »
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