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HIV/AIDS Newsroom: April 20, 2006

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U.S. News

Chembio Diagnostics Receives FDA "Approvable" Letter for Rapid HIV Tests

Texas: Center to Admit AIDS Patients

International News

Philadelphia Inquirer Examines Nursing Shortage in Africa, Effect on Health Crises Such as HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria

International Herald Tribune Examines Potential Effect of U.S. Bilateral FTAs on Access to Generic HIV/AIDS-Related Drugs

Albemarle Volunteer Fights HIV in Mozambique

Central African Republic Ministers Approve Progressive AIDS Bill

Medical News

HIV/HCV Coinfection Increases Rate of Liver Disease, Mortality, Study Says

Two Steps Forward and One Step Back? Australian Secondary Students? Sexual Health Knowledge and Behaviors 1992-2002


New Wave of HIV May Lurk Around the Corner

University of Illinois Raises Sexually Transmitted Infections Awareness

Commentary & Opinion

Canada: "Second Wave" of Sexually Transmitted Disease Hitting Negligent Over-40s

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