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Antiretroviral Therapy
(Part XXIV)

Update from the International Workshop on HIV Drug Resistance, Treatment Strategies and Eradication

November 7, 1997

AIDS Information Center VA Medical Center, San Francisco


The following references are in: Program and abstracts of the International Workshop on HIV Resistance, Treatment Strategies, and Eradication; St. Petersburgh FL, USA June 25-28, 1997.

1. Condra JH, Holder DJ, Graham DJ, Shivaprakash M, Laird DT, Schleif WA, Chodakewitz JA, Emini EA. Genotypic or phenotypic susceptibility testing may not predict clinical responses to indinavir [abstract 47].

2. Deeks S, Eastman S, Horton C, Gee C, Fischer L, Salgo M, Grant R. Addition of saquinavir soft gel capsule to existing antiretroviral therapy: virological predictors of response [abstract 69].

3. Dulioust A, Paulous S, Guillemot L, Boue F, Galanaud P, Clavel F. Selection of saquinavir-resistant mutants following a switch from saquinavir [abstract 16].

4. Eastman PS, Duncan IB, Gee C, Race E. Acquisition of genotypic mutations associated with reduced susceptibility to protease inhibitors during monotherapy [abstract 30].

5. Emini EA, Holder DJ, Schleif WA, Danovich RM, Graham DJ, Laird DT, Shivaprakash M, Chodakewitz JA, Condra JH. Evidence for prevention of new HIV-1 infection cycles in patients treated with indinavir plus zidovudine plus lamivudine [abstract 128].

6. Gunthard H, Wong J, Ignacio C, Havlir D, Richman D. Emergence of drug resistance in different tissue compartments in 10 patients using population-based sequencing after 1 year of potent antiretroviral therapy [abstract 66].

7. Hammer S, Demeter LM, Fischl MA, Squires KE, Bosch RJ, Hughes MD for the ACTG 320 Study and Virology Teams. Clinical, immunological and virological outcomes in ACTG 320, a randomized, placebo controlled trial of indinavir in combination with two nucleosides in HIV-1 infected persons with CD4+ cell/counts < 200 cells/mm3 [abstract 67].

8. Imanichi H, Zhang Y-M, Lane HC, Faloon J, Salzman NP. Continued evolution of HIV-1 during combination therapy despite levels of HIV-1 < 500 copies/ml [abstract 63].

9. Kemp SD, Bloor S for the FASP Resistance Study Group. Two distinct mutational pathways for HIV-1 RT confer zidovudine/ lamivudine dual resistance [abstract 11].

10. Kempf D, Rode R, Xu Y, Sun E, Japour A, Danner S, Boucher C, Leonard J, Molla A. The durability of response to protease inhibitor therapy is predicted by viral load [abstract 62].

11. Lawrence J, Schapiro J, Pesano R, Winters M, Cain P, Winslow D, Merigan TC. Clinical response and genotypic resistance of sequential therapy with nelfinavir followed by indinavir plus nevirapine in saquinavir/reverse transcriptase inhibitor- experienced patients [abstract 64].

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14. Montaner J, De Masi R, Dawson D, Hill A on behalf of the CEASAR Coordinating Committee. Validation of HIV-1 RNA and CD4 count as surrogate markers in the CEASAR trial: preliminary results [abstract 61].

15. Natarajan V, Lane HC, OþNiell DP, Dewar RL, Metcalf JA, Vogel S, Bechtel C, Mican J, Ward D, Rosenthal J, Kovacs JA. Detection of HIV-1 RNA in the plasma of patients in whom HIV-1 RNA is undetectable using commercial assays [abstract 51].

16. Patick AK, Kuritzkes D, Johnson VA, Shugarts D, Bakhtiari M, Potts KD, Farnsworth A, Anderson R, Koel JL, Hazelwood JD, Nail CD, Duran M, Markowitz M, Ho D, Richman D. Genotypic and phenotypic analyses of HIV-1 variants isolated from patients treated with nelfinavir and other HIV-1 protease inhibitors [abstract 18].

17. Quinones-Mateu ME, Albright JL, MariosJ-P, Ghosh M, Le Grice S, Hough C, Wainberg MA, Arts EJ. A unique mechanism for zidovudine-resistance and evidence for a zidovudine-mediated cross- resistance to other nucleoside analogues by zidovudine-resistant viruses [abstract 10].

18. Schinazi RF, Lloyd RM, Hough LM, Lennox JL, Hart C, Stuyver L, Ellerbrock TV and the EVE Study Group. HIV genotyic variation in plasma and vaginal lavages in response to antiretroviral therapy [abstract 93].

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20. Winters M, Schapiro J, Lawrence J, Merigan M. Genotypic and phenotypic analysis of the protease gene in HIV-1 infected patients that failed long-term saquinavir therapy and switched to other protease inhibitors [abstract 17].

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22. Zhang Y-M, Imamichi H, Imamichi T, Lane HC, Falloon J, Vasudevachari MB, Salzman NP. Drug resistance during indinavir therapy is caused by mutations in the protease gene and in its gag substrate cleavage sites [abstract 19].

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