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Catching Up With Nina J. Bri

By Robert Breining

October 25, 2011

On Sunday October 9th at 9pm EST Robert Breining and Jack Mackenroth caught up with Nina J. Bri.

Nina is a twenty nine year old HIV+ woman, mother, college student, activist and advocate. Nina has spent the last five years years since she was diagnosed learning what she could about HIV itself, the stigma attached to the disease, and how HIV affects the lives of those living with the disease in America as well as abroad.

After attending her first conference she decided to dedicate as much of her time and energy as possible to being a part of the solution. She has done advocacy campaigning both on the local, state level as well as the national level. Nina is an activist who speaks to educate, as well as by blogging both with written word and with video blogging, utilizing youtube with blogs on several sites including POZIAM and MTV Staying Alive. She has participated in an anti-stigma campaign, was featured in commercials and on billboards.

She currently is employed at Hope's Voice as a speaker for the Does HIV Look Like Me lecture series and she sits on the board for The ADAP Advocacy Association. Nina enjoys to spend as much time possible just being mommy to her four year old son and she believes that it is her privilege and honor to be his mother and to be the activist she has became.

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