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A Poem by Dennis

April 2011

Who Am I?

I am spirit
I am nature
I am light and sunshine
I am creature and creator
I am shaman
I am healer
I am of two worlds
I am of this and of that and everything in between

I am mirror and reflection
I am as God made me
I am Divine

I am faithful
I am love
I am queer
I am curious

I am Brother and Sister
I am Husband and Wife
I am Father Mother Son and Daughter
I am Aunt and Uncle

I am trusted support and confessor
I am self aware

I am body and blood
I am flesh and bone
I am sex
I am water
I am breath
I am meditation and thought

I am song and dance
I am painter and the brush
I am words and action
I am critic and voice
I am politics and peacemaker
I am warrior and worrier
I am doctor lawyer teacher and preacher

I am right and wrong
I am drink and drugs and disease
I am hated
I am abused denied and vilified
I have HIV and Hep C
But AIDS will not be the death of me

I am gay lesbian bisexual transgender
I am proud
I am a rainbow
I am a bridge between
Past Present Future
The here the now
the what was and what will be

I am my true self my true being
I am here to stay
This is my time to be alive!

I am myth
I am legend
I am lover and I am loved
I am perfect as I am
I am joy
I am bliss
I love myself as I am

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