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To Take or Not to Take Your Meds
A Video Blog

By Maria T. Mejia

May 16, 2011

I want to start by saying I am not a doctor or a scientist! I speak from my own experience as many of you know! I have been positive for 20 years, and I decided not to be on medication for the first 10 years and talk about it in my vblog ... for ten years I did everything I could to be off meds! Everything holistic you can think of! We have to realize that everyone has their moment when they make the choice to go on meds ... Your body will feel it! I wouldn't dare tell someone to get off medication as some of this movement of dissidents/denialists tell people! Not only do they tell people this ... but especially vulnerable and newly diagnosed ... and also to those that are so confused! In all reality, I dont want to judge anyone, but this is a very dangerous situation...people are dying because they are listening to this propaganda that AIDS doesnt exist and that what actually will kill you is your HIV medication!

I have been on HIV meds for the last 10 years and I am alive and kicking! I know people, as I said on my video, that took them 10 years (like me) to start! Others, 20 years, like a good friend, Dee..who was trying with all her heart and strength and doing everything to maintain herself off HIV meds..and finally had to start her medication! And some that I personally know that are non progressors ..they have something in their genetic makeup that does not allow HIV to affect their immune system! So you see everyone is different.

Please, I tell those that are confused and lost! And hopeless! And very scared! And dont know what to do! Listen to your heart! Do your research. Investigate and pick a doctor that works with you! Someone that is willing to answer your questions ... even if it's hundreds of them! Listen to my video and make your own choices! People are going to try to scare you and tell you that either AIDS doesn't exist or that the medication will kill you!

You know what is ironic? I won't mention the person's name because they are very ill as we speak…One of the most famous dissidents that wrote a book about AIDS not existing is taking ARVs (HIV drugs) as we speak! What upsets me is that this is so terrible and dishonest! Because while this person is all over YouTube and the book is out there, people are doing what they are preaching and not taking their meds or leaving them!! And at the same time, this person is ill and taking ARVs…and they are not telling anyone!

Just follow your heart, as i say, and you make your choice when is right for you! No one likes medication! Some of them have even called me a pharma troll or that i am being paid by pharma!..Come on! Some have gone to a point of being so nasty to me that they have said: I need AIDS to feel important. How uncompassionate is that?? I dont need AIDS to feel important! I am important! I pray everyday of my life for a cure! I am tired of having to take meds and to live with this illness since I was so young! If I can save one life! And actually I already started :). Many dissidents told me after listening to me they are considering going back on meds!

We must not sit silent and let things like this happen out of fear! I will always speak and tell the truth! No matter what the consequences are!

As always love and light --


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