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Elizabeth Lombino

Spread Hope: A Therapist's Guide to Living and Laughing With HIV/AIDS

Let's Talk About Sex, Drugs and HIV
June 27, 2012

These kids today ...

I feel so old just writing that, yet there is no more accurate statement, at least with regard to the topic of HIV/AIDS. When I came of age in the 90s, one of the many hooks we all sang was "Let's Talk About Sex" (by Salt-N-Pepa, the first all-girl hip-hop group ... they also had a reality show for a few minutes, if that's all you youngsters can relate to). And talk about sex we did. From condoms to girl power to HIV. All these concepts were blended together to form our overall vision of healthy sexual expression. It was almost impossible to talk about sex without inserting (pun intended) the word "safer" in front.

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Addiction Treatment and Las Vegas, Perfect Together?!
May 4, 2012

Recently, I traveled to Las Vegas to attend the annual, national conference on the care and treatment of opioid addiction held by AATOD (American Association of the Treatment of Opioid Dependence). It was a huge gathering of some of the most important and influential addictions professionals, counselors, medical personnel, and other entities involved in the overall treatment of this population.

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The Invisible Lives of Homeless LGBTQ Youth
March 20, 2012

Imagine being a young person and being kicked out of your home for being "different". Imagine finding a shred of hope in a welcoming shelter with other young people struggling with similar experiences. Then imagine feeling in danger of this hope and shelter being taken away. Imagine worrying that you will once again be thrown away, back to the streets. That some of your only means of survival is to engage in risky behaviors. To feel you have no other choice but to risk your health and safety just for a meal or a place to sleep.

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Breaking the Silence Again: Why We ALL Need to Care About HIV/AIDS
June 22, 2011

Okay, this blog entry is directed at those who are not actively involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS. For those who are active and would like to persuade others to join us, please share it with them. We are all well aware of the need to maintain our voice in this fight; we also need to recruit new members to share our mission and passion!

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Hope for the Future: The 30th Anniversary of AIDS
June 3, 2011

This month the discovery of AIDS turns 30. On June 5, 1981, a rare pneumonia diagnosed in five Los Angeles gay men was reported to the CDC. These were the first ever documented cases of what would later become known as AIDS. (Check out a comprehensive history of HIV/AIDS here).

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Stress: "Is It Worth Losing a T Cell?"
May 26, 2011

I probably don't need to tell you that our lives are full of tons of stress. Money, relationships, terror alerts, traffic, unemployment, poverty, the endless circus of GOP candidates, finding out your partner had a child with your maid 10 years ago (okay, maybe that one is specific to a certain Kindergarten Cop).

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Major Opinion on Major HIV/AIDS Crisis
May 16, 2011

In a breath of fresh air, The New York Times Op/Ed writer Charles M. Blow provides a well-rounded, well-researched, and thought-provoking commentary on the need for our government to pay more attention to the ADAP Crisis.

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What Is Going on With MTV's The Real World??
May 11, 2011

I know what you're thinking ... I'm too old to watch or care about MTV's The Real World. Yes, this is true. However, because I'm old enough to vividly remember the early days of The Real World, I feel the need to explore what I'm seeing with the latest cast members.

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A Therapist's Guide to Living and Laughing With HIV/AIDS
May 9, 2011

Before we get into all of that, this post will give you the opportunity to learn more about me. I am a Licensed Social Worker with over 10 years experience working in the field of HIV/AIDS. Prior to my professional work, I have several more years experience and education in all things HIV/AIDS.

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Spread Hope

Elizabeth Lombino

Elizabeth Lombino

As a Social Worker, I have been providing mental health treatment to HIV-positive adults for over 10 years. I received my master's in Social Work from Columbia University. Also, I write about HIV/AIDS advocacy and present at national conferences on the issues related to HIV/AIDS to professionals and students. Through writing and presenting, I can better advocate for the issues that I see with my clients every day. Living with HIV/AIDS can be a daily struggle with many unique challenges. My goal with this blog is to provide a sort of cyber therapy space for you to learn some skills and tools to better cope with these challenges. Hopefully you will gain confidence and look at life in new ways. Through humor, hope, sarcasm, education, and other therapeutic tools, let me help you live a happier life! So sit back, relax, and let's start relieving some stress!

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