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Teniecka Drake

Enough Negativity!

Secrets Are Not Always Worth Keeping
December 17, 2011

Sometimes secrets can be light-hearted and carefree. Then there are those secrets that are detrimental and not good to keep. It would seem like the right thing to do is be honest about whatever the secret entails whether bad or good. That is not often times what individuals do to one another. Sometimes secrets are kept from another to hurt that person(s). For example, if I am hurt then I will just hurt you. Then that becomes one very vicious and mean cycle. One secret, which is HIV/AIDS, should not keep anyone in the dark.

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2011: Grateful and Thankful
December 2, 2011

Can you believe 2011 is coming to a close? For me this year has really been surprising and unique. There have also been some glitches here and there. Overall the year shaped up to be really good. What do I vision for the year of 2012?

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Finding Enjoyment in Life
October 12, 2011

Is life to be feared while living? Or is life to be enjoyed while living? Believing that if you enjoy the life you have it may change things perhaps? Now, not trying to say think super-happy thoughts and you will become wealthy and famous. No, but within that mindset perhaps one could become wealthy and famous?

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At the End of the Day: Remembering Meds When Life's Run You Ragged
September 1, 2011

On its own, being a parent comes with many challenges. Then, throw in being HIV positive and having to ensure you take your meds, which is another difficulty and sometimes a pain to do.

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Take Life Seriously, but Do Not Forget to Have Fun!
July 9, 2011

Hello again, and yes it has been a little bit of time. Do you ever wonder why people take life so seriously and never smile or laugh or even joke? For me personally, I used to be that person. Life for me, when I was given my diagnosis, was not fun or happy, and forget cracking a smile. I was a very mean, upset, angry woman, and that would also add to my stress. After having a family of my own and going through some things, I can say life is meant to be enjoyed!!! Yes, I understand there is a time and place for everything, but adjusting your thinking can make all the difference.

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Being Optimistic: Hard but Possible
May 4, 2011

Hello! My name is Teniecka Drake and I have been interviewed on a few occasions for I have three children all under the age of three and I am excited to be blogging for I really wanted to be able to have an even more personal touch along with the interviews.

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Enough Negativity!

Teniecka Drake

Teniecka Drake

Since her HIV diagnosis in 2001 -- and her marriage, and the recent births of her three children -- Teniecka really has been taking life for more fun! She's spoken nationally about living with HIV, been in Ebony Magazine, and now she's blogging to encourage other HIV-positive people in times when they might need a boost.

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