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A Poem by Paul

April 2011

A Walk For Andrew

Do you walk the walk?
Talk like you walk?
Or on a walkie-talkie?
Aids Walk 2009
Fits right into this rhythm and rhyme

Fellowship of the spirit to be
I walked the walk for you
And I walked the walk for me
I talked as I walked
And there were so many to see

New friends, old friends
and friendliness everywhere
Abound or astound
When I started the walk I was jolted

Like a lightning bolt that struck me from above
I saw a friend standing there
Angelic presence of my angel that had departed years before

But I saw Andrew standing and smiling
plain as day
It was an image of my friend
and I wanted to pretend
It brought tears to my eyes and I started to cry

These were happy tears
My memories of day's past
But with my walk
A newfound memory to last
Like a line cast from the past
but I am right here, right now

Standing tall
Standing proud
I can walk and talk and my name is Paul
Band's played on
There was music and song

It was great to appreciate what was going on
A party and a festive pace
and no don't run
This is not a race
Around the Infield and around home plate

We all got to see each other and we all looked great
It was so fun to participate
always better than to speculate
Please don't be late
If you can't make it postulate
But walk the walk and all is great!

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