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PWN Releases Reproductive Justice Fact Sheet and Talking Points

April 19, 2011

PWN is proud to release a Reproductive Justice Fact Sheet and Talking Points on the intersection of HIV and Reproductive Justice for women in the U.S.! Check out an excerpt of our fact sheet below. You can find these goodies on our website (click here) or by clicking the links below. Please circulate widely!!!

Reproductive Justice Fact Sheet excerpt:

"Although millions of U.S. women access sexual and reproductive healthcare every year, few of those women are ever offered an HIV test. Similarly, data shows that HIV-positive women in the U.S. receive little or substandard sexual healthcare and information about reproductive options. With appropriate medical care, treatment, and supportive services, mother-to-child transmission has been virtually eliminated such that women living with HIV can bear HIV-negative children.

"Reproductive justice for HIV-positive women means upholding our full spectrum of sexual and reproductive rights, including our right to choose when and how to be sexual and when or whether to have children and the information to make an informed decision. Reproductive Justice also extends to parenting and custody rights which are often taken away from women living with HIV."



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