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The ADAP Watch

April 15, 2011

ADAPs With Waiting Lists (7,885 Individuals in 11 States*, as of April 14, 2011)

Arkansas: 56 individuals
Florida: 3,807 individuals
Georgia: 1,343 individuals
Idaho: 10 individuals
Louisiana: 894 individuals**
Montana: 24 individuals
North Carolina: 178 individuals
Ohio: 341 individuals
South Carolina: 612 individuals
Virginia: 616 individuals
Wyoming: 4 individuals

ADAPs With Other Cost-Containment Strategies (Instituted Since April 1, 2009, as of February 2, 2011)


Arizona: reduced formulary
Arkansas: reduced formulary, lowered financial eligibility to 200% FPL (disenrolled 99 clients in September 2009)
Colorado: reduced formulary
Florida: reduced formulary, lower financial eligibility to 300% FPL, transition clients to Welvista from 2/14-3/31/11
Georgia: reduced formulary, implemented medical criteria, continued participation in the Alternative Method Demonstration Project (AMDP)
Idaho: capped enrollment
Illinois: reduced formulary, instituted monthly expenditure cap
Kentucky: reduced formulary
Louisiana: discontinued reimbursement of laboratory assays
North Carolina: reduced formulary
North Dakota: capped enrollment, instituted annual expenditure cap, lowered financial eligibility to 300% FPL
Ohio: reduced formulary, lowered financial eligibility to 300% FPL (disenrolled 257 clients in July 2010)
Puerto Rico: reduced formulary
South Carolina: lowered financial eligibility to 300% FPL
Utah: reduced formulary, lowered financial eligibility to 250% FPL (disenrolled 89 clients in FY2010)
Virginia: reduced formulary, only distribute 30-day prescription refills
Washington: instituted client cost sharing, reduced formulary (for uninsured clients only), only pay insurance premium for clients currently on antiretrovirals
Wyoming: reduced formulary, instituted client cost sharing

ADAPs Considering New/Additional Cost-Containment Measures (Before March 31, 2011***)

Alabama: cap enrollment, establish waiting list (as of April 1, 2011), reduce formulary
Colorado: institute client cost sharing
Kentucky: reduce formulary
Oregon: reduce formulary
Puerto Rico: reduce formulary
South Carolina: disenroll 200 clients
Virginia: transition 760 clients onto waiting list
Washington: reduce formulary
Wyoming: reduce formulary

* As a result of ADAP emergency funding, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, South Dakota and Utah eliminated their waiting lists. Idaho reinstituted a waiting list in February 2011.
** Louisiana has a capped enrollment on their program. This number is a representation of their current unmet need.
*** March 31, 2011 is the end of ADAP FY2010. ADAP fiscal years begin April 1 and end March 31.

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